Spigot AdvancedRegionMarket ARM v3.3.7 MC 1.12-1.18+

Sell, rent and manage worldguard regions. Create Hotels, manage via GUI and more.

  1. I know you said that you've installed an economy plugin, but that one doesn't seem to work. It looks like your economy plugin is not compatible with vault. ARM can't check the players balance
  2. No that won't work. You need to import your data with a server version that areashop supports. Areashop needs to run in order to allow the importer plugin to import the regions
  3. Thank you so much.
    I replaced easyconomy with EssentialX and it now works.
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  4. Whenever I place a sign and do the rent, it changes from whatever I say to
    random price, min 1 day and max 7 days
  5. This only happens if the region is already added to ARM. You have to delete it first. Use /arm delete [region]
  6. what?
    I removed it and added it again but it still did that. and I can't click on it to rent ti
  7. Areashop does work on 1.16.3. so will the import work?
  8. How come autoprice pr m2 doesn't work with POLY regions?
  9. I love this plugin but I have a problem, not with this plugin but rather with the chest shop plugin i use, its called display shops and when a region resets it breaks the shop instead of removing them.. I can do a clean-up but I was wondering if its possible in a future release to make both plugins compatible with each other so that when a region is reset the shops are also removed :p.

    Great plugin btw
  10. Hey, I have a question. Is there anyway to make it so players can have chests for chestshops in ARM, but so nobody else can open their chest? I'd really appreciate help regarding this since my players can't have chestshops without the chests being opened by other players as well.
  11. The Plugin seems really awesome, but I don't find how people can disable the autopay feature for contracted regions.
  12. Hello Nice Plugin,
    can I give User the right to create regions an rent it. Like they have buy a larger region like a Town an know they want sell or rent regions in the town to other users
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    Protection of continuance and bugfixes

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  14. You can use the sibregion feature for that :)
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    GUI-overhaul and "settplocation"-command

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  16. I really like this plug-in. Want to move this plug-in to www.mcbbs.net.
    I will give it the address in spigotmc and translate it into Chinese to publish there.
    I want your permission.
  17. You can do that if you want :)
    What do you want to translate? The messages.yml of the plugin or something else? In case you would translate the messages file, it would be nice if you would send me your translation, so I can add it to the plugin internal translations.
  18. OK, I will translate wiki, commands, messages and do a basic tutorial
  19. Ok thank you :)