Spigot AdvancedRegionMarket ARM v3.3.5 MC 1.12-1.17+

Sell, rent and manage worldguard regions. Create Hotels, manage via GUI and more.

  1. After many tests, we found that designating the area, including the door of the mod item, pierces the ceiling, walls, and floor that touch the door. Is there any way to solve this?
  2. ARM generates a schematic if you define the region. It won't create one on region buy. Does your problem also occur on other regions. Have you tried to create a new region that has not been imported from AreaShop? You can also join the support discord.
  3. IF possible add compatibility with griefprevention? players don't build in claimworld...
  4. my spawn is in the world of construction. the rental areas are within the spawn ... the griefprevention does not let players build in the rented region
  5. How to make sure that a certain privilege (group) can buy a certain region? I can't understand.
    upd: I'm going to lose my mind while I break it
  6. This seems like a really good plugin. Is there a way to limit its usage within towny plots that you own? It would be nice to have such an apartment plugin on our towny server, but if we added it people would use it to claim land in the wilderness...
  7. Moin bei mir geht das mit paypackPercentage: 50 oder so nicht
    benutze CMI liegt es evlt daran?
  8. Is there any way to disable updating signs (rent time etc.) to save server performance (we have like 100+ shops) ?
  9. Hi alex is there any placeholder support available on ARM? Since I want display the rent time left for my player
  10. Hello the "paypackPercentage: 50" in the regionskinds.yml does not work. It is all set as in the wiki but it has no effect and players do not get money back.

    please help :(
  11. The attribute in the regionkinds.yml is deprecated and doesn't work anymore. It also doesn't get generated on new installations anymore. The paybackpercentage gets set per region now. You can change the setting by using the "/arm setpaybackpercentage rk:REGIONKIND PERCENTAGE" command
  12. What about to add a PlaceholderAPI support? I just want to show up player's current owned rents. But this amazing plugin unfortunately lacks placeholder feature. Nowadays, it is a matter of course having papi supp. No placeholderapi support is like a plugin without worldguard support lol.

    Anyway thanks for keep this plugin updated!
  13. Luckily PlaceholderApi support comes with the next update.
    Any other placeholder ideas? These placeholders are quite easy to implement ^^
  14. Well, that's amazing!
    Maybe maximum available limits for specific rents? For example i has 3 "houses" from maximum 5 houses.
    Just an example.
  15. Thank you very much this has worked wonderfully.

    Thank you very much has worked wonderfully.

    I come from AreaShop. After so many years I moved to arm and that without error when importerien of over 500 properties.
    I still have one question. Is there something like broadcast or public message to all when a player has bought a property?

    For large servers perhaps inappropriate, but for our small community it is always nice to see when a new player or even regular players have bought something new and all congratulate them then.
    I have unfortunately found nothing comparable in arm.

    Thanks for your time and effort
    Greetings tomi
  16. Hi !

    Do you have an idea why prices are shown with a NBSP character ?
    Encoding problem somewhere ?


    The NBSP is also visible on wooden signs.

    Thanks !
  17. In the config.yml is a section where you can adjust the price formatting. You could try another locale. Maybe that helps
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  18. Great that you like the plugin :)
    No there is no way to do that without an extra plugin, that would hook into the api of AdvancedRegionMarket
  19. Hello, i got an issue with water... players can grief the outside of a region placing water next to the edge of the region, then the water flows and looks weird
  20. Setting presets doesn't work. I tried with rentregions, 1.17.1