AdvancedTags and Clearlagg

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by extravadance, Jun 4, 2017.


    The developer seems to be dead so I am coming to you guys for help
    For some reason the factions_uuid placeholders doesn't work, using {factionsuuid_faction_relcolor} yields nothing beside the exact text.

    And for clearlagg, i'm using stackmobs and wondering how can I make clearlag clear stacked mobs aswell in timed clearlag
  2. First of all, never use ClearLag or any other Anti-Lag plugins. They don't reduce lag, but in fact create more problems.
  3. Items/Mobs automatically despawn after some time...
  4. @GameCrashed It gets the job done, I just need it to wipe some stuff every X time

    And feels likeyou forgot the other half of your sentence :p
  5. That's the only thing I wanted to say. I didn't know about the placeholders, so I decided not to answer that question.