Spigot AdvancedTeleport 5.5.6

A rapidly growing teleportation plugin looking to break the boundaries of traditional TP plugins.

  1. I would like to remind everyone that feature requests/suggestions and bug reports are NOT reviews!!!

    If you have features you would like to request for this plugin then please either join the Discord Server or here in this Discussions area!

    Thank you all for understanding!
  2. Thatsmusic99 updated Advanced Teleport with a new update entry:

    RTP Improvements, new signs, default permissions list and plenty of bug fixes!

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  3. Thatsmusic99 updated Advanced Teleport with a new update entry:

    Another Hotfix... yes.

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  4. Thatsmusic99 updated Advanced Teleport with a new update entry:

    A few more bug fixes

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  5. Well I want to know when will it have some particle and a teleport interactive teleport button as follows
  6. Interactive teleport/messages are planned for the next major release but I'm holding off particles for a bit longer. I don't have an ETA for v5.4 though since I have a coder's block right now and have to prepare for several exams, which are next week.
  7. Hello! :)
    The teleport timer feature doesn't seem to be working for me, can anyone help? Thanks!

    This is what I have it set as at the moment and it doesn't work for any of them.

    teleportTimer: 5
    tpa: true
    tpahere: true
    tpr: default
    warp: default
    spawn: true
    home: default
    back: default​
  8. Hey there,

    For "tpa" and "tpahere", "true" is not a valid input - it must be another input such as 3 to make the warm-up 3 seconds long instead of the default, which is 5.

    In addition to this, OP players will also have the permission "at.admin.bypass.timer" to bypass the warm-up timers.

    I'm hoping this helped!
  9. Hi, what is the permission for vip homes? Thanks! :)
    And yes the timer now works!
  10. There is no permission for VIP homes, do you mean at.member.homes.<Number> to allow a player to set a specific number of homes?

    And that's good to hear!
  11. Is this plugin have a particle-based teleport?
  12. Currently no. It is on the pipeline, but it is not a feature that will be added any time soon.
  13. Hope to add such a function.
    If you update this,please tell me ASAP (discord SnowCutieOwO#5789)
    I will change my MoreTP plugin into your plugin,because your plugin is free and good,and can change the prefix of the message(Free version of MoreTP don't allow to change prefix)
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  14. How can I give certain ranks the ability to set more homes?
  15. Try giving them the permission at.member.homes.<Number>, where <Number> is the number of homes you want that certain rank to have. (Fir example, at.member.homes.10 sets a limit of 10 homes.)

    If you need help with the actual process of adding the permission (please tell me your permissions plugin in that case), let me know!
  16. That worked thank you!
  17. Thatsmusic99 updated Advanced Teleport with a new update entry:

    Configuration rewrite, New Payment Method (EXP Points), Rewritten Limitations system

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  18. I seem to be having an issue where the plugin isn't suggesting player names to teleport to? Any ideas?
  19. What server version are you on, are you on ViaVersion and if so, what version are you connecting with?

    Failed to reproduce with 1.16.5 Paper.