Spigot AdvancedTeleport 5.5.6

A rapidly growing teleportation plugin looking to break the boundaries of traditional TP plugins.

  1. Okay. I and Nie are still both students in terms of programming and Spigot (only difference is that I’ve been doing so for two years now), but it is on our todo list to learn. If we ever manage to.
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  2. Niestrat99 updated Advanced Teleport with a new update entry:

    Update 3.1

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  3. Not that Ive already had a bad start thid monday but I can also say that I havent done anything to these commands besides that we were fixing tpno and the essentialsX incident. I'll try out everything from Advanced Teleport later to see if anything else has gotten nuts.

    Thanks for the issue report.

    UPDATE: We found the problem and will send out a patch real soon.
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  4. /tpr command and /rtp alias isn't working. I'm testing as an Op
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  5. Thanks for the issue report!

    We will be working on a fix for this!

    Also a heads up to everyone:

    We've been also reported an issue that teleport requests expire instantly after sending one. We will do our best to fix all of this. Thanks for letting us know about the current issues! :)

    And sorry for the inconvenience!
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  6. Niestrat99 updated Advanced Teleport with a new update entry:

    Patch 3.1.2

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  7. NICE
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  8. Niestrat99 updated Advanced Teleport with a new update entry:

    Update 3.2

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  9. Good evening!

    I just wanted to let you all know that there won't be an update this time. We've been very busy with other stuff and weren't able to do something for this plugin. We will try to get a new update released once we've managed to make some useful additions and/or fixes.

    Thanks for understanding!
  10. Hey man, great work on the plugin! Seems very straight-forward and stable so far. Any chance you'd be willing to add a /tphome command? It'd be great to offer players a simple way to teleport to their most recent bed for a price.
  11. Hello, I'm glad that you like this plugin so far!

    We could add that in the future, that won't be a problem. Thanks for the suggestion. :)
  12. When using random teleport does it pre-load the chunk first? If not I suggest adding this so that it pre-loads chunks that have already been generated/explored before teleporting the player
  13. The Random Teleport command actually would pre-load the chunks of the random coordinates. However we haven't found a way to fix the server lagging/Timeout issue yet. If you use the WorldBorder however you can use a command to load the chunks within the world border which would make the Random Teleport command easier to send you to the coords.

    So in other words the Chunks pre-load function exists but can cause timeouts on servers which have less than like 4GB of RAM unless you have the WorldBorder plugin and used a command in there to load all the chunks within the world border.
  14. Niestrat99 updated Advanced Teleport with a new update entry:

    Customization Update (4.0)

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  15. Hey man, thanks for adding support for /home! Unfortunately, it seems to be bypassing the Vault payment requirement. Am I missing a toggle for this, or is it not currently supported?
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  16. Hey there! Unfortunately the home command does not have any payments functions included. But I could add it as an extra option in the next update.

    Thanks for letting me know.
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  17. That would be awesome. I’d really like to offer it to players on my servers, but multiple homes with no teleport fee is way too easy to exploit for how I’m trying to run the server. Btw anywhere I can donate for the great plugin and support?
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  18. If you wish to donate then feel free to do so. I just added a Donation Link to the overview page.
    I'm glad that you enjoy this plugin and I really appreciate the good feedback. :)