Spigot AdvancedTimber 1.5.5

Highly configurable timber plugin

  1. Is this plugin supports worldguard and residence so when they don't have permission to build they will not destroy the trees, as I try different tree plugin and had that issue?
  2. Yes if you enable fireEvents in the config (y)
    Generally speaking this plugin supports all other plugins that break blocks : D

    But before you mess up your server let me test this real quick ^^
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  3. I have tested this and can hereby confirm that regions you are not allowed to break blocks in are detected properly :D



    The red wool is a wg region

    Keep in mind that you have to enable FireEvents in your config for this.
  4. Ok thx :)
  5. Can you add mcMMO's woodcutting for this plugin?
  6. Im currently workin on mcMMO (y)
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  7. Could you please add worldguard support, can't use this plugin without it. :( The plugin works great otherwise. Thanks!
  8. Hi, it stopped working for no reason
  9. This plugin has worldguard support ^^
    Just enable "FireEvents" in the config and everything should work.
  10. Can you find any errors in your console?
  11. I enabled FireEvents and it still allows me to break trees in spawn, but nothing else.
  12. Also, Acacia Logs don't seem to work

    Paper 1.13.2 624
    AdvTimber 1.2.0
  13. Ill take a look into it :D