Spigot AdvancedTimber 1.5.5

Highly configurable timber plugin

  1. Ok so i tested with the latest paper version.
    Timbering works fine
    Worldguard support works fine
    Acacia trees dont work so nice

    Thx for the information ^^
  2. Ok, what worldguard flag do you set to deny your plugin breaking trees? I used block-break: deny, works for everything, but when I use your plugin with my defined diamond_axe trees are breaking...
  3. Every plugin that denys breaking of blocks should work if you enable FireEvents.
    If you send me your config i might find something.

    Here is a vid of me testing WorlguardRegions

    PS: I think i found out what you did wrong... if you are OP you can always break blocks in worldguard regions... try taking op from you and test again :)
  4. Almost 100% sure I was not OP... But alas I will try it again.
  5. So I'm hosting a Spigot 1.13.2 server and installed the CTCore and AdvancedTimber Plugin.
    As I noticed that the Plugin wasn't working, I saw this Error in the console every time I tried to load the Plugin:

    [21:10:49 ERROR]: [AdvancedTimber] Plugin AdvancedTimber v1.2.2 has failed to register events for class com.gestankbratwurst.asynctimber.listener.TreeBreakListener because org/bukkit/event/block/BlockDropItemEvent does not exist.

    Is this Plugin not supported in Spigot 1.13.2 or what am I doing wrong?
  6. The plugin needs the latest 1.13.2 version. If your 1.13.2 jar is older than about 5 Months this plugin wont work.
    Just update to the latest spigot version and you should be good to go ;)
  7. Well, thanks Nitrado for providing some old Spigot 1.13.2 version. Now as I installed the latest build everything works just fine. Thank you dude! Great Plugin! :D
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  8. Would it be possible for you to add leave dropping? Or make them disappear and still do drops? I don't love the floating leaves everywhere.

    Thanks for considering!

    FYI: You were right, I must have been OP, it blocks WG regions now. Ty.
  9. Hi i got this error and that drops my tps to 3 right after : https://pastebin.com/7t8kqbsk
    It is when players without the permission cut leaf and logs..
  10. Ok o_O
    Thanks i'll take a look into it.

    Ah i see whats wrong... thats fixable. thx.

    Should be fixed now.
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  11. Sorry, did you see my question above?
  12. I had read over it, sry.
    Yes thats a good idea. Im going to implement that.
  13. Awesome, ty!!!
  14. trying to get this plugin to work with a auto chopper, cant seem to get it to work, ive got 2, one uses a dispenser with a axe in it and the other is a hopper that breaks the tree, ive tried renaming both to the set names in the config file "timberkey", yet still not working, any ideas ? (works when i use the axe myself)
  15. I think you have to explain to me what an "auto chopper" is. Is it a plugin or vanilla machine?
    Spigot fires BlockBreakEvents if a player breaks a block. If there is no player breaking the block then i cant know when a block is
    destroyed unless the plugin fires the event by itself (unlikely).

    I mean i can take a look at it but its probably not possible.
  16. They are plugins, one is comparable hopper 2, it breaks a block with the break upgrade applied to a hopper, and the other is called wood machine which uses a axe in a dispenser.
  17. None of these plugins were given an API from their devs, meaning that i can not interact with them.
    But that brings me to an interesting idea...