Spigot AdvancedTimber 1.5.5

Highly configurable timber plugin

  1. With LimitForestation turned on, I still experience some quite weird circumstances.
    For example, I tried to timber in a dark oak forest, but it timbers other trees with their leaves joined. The weirdest thing is that other trees might get cut in half and lose all their leaves, therefore being classified as *not trees*. btw I turned CubeRadius into 0.
    The problem of tree border distinguishing still exists. I hope it could be tweaked better. This is a great plugin, thank you!
  2. Hi! Can you please add command to reload the config of the plugin?
    /timber reload
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  3. Hi! Im sorry if this is too much to ask, but if it were to be considered to be 'Advanced', it would be nice to add this feature where the Timbering stop to certain Log block when the durability of the axe isn't enough!
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  4. Doesn't work on my server
    Default config.
    Acacia wood, diamond axe.
    git-Paper-112 (MC: 1.14.3)
  5. I am attempting to use your plugin on the latest version (1.5.3) with MC (1.14.3) I have encountered a problem where I cannot use the plugin. It allows me to use both commands Timber toggle and /timber but cannot actually timber trees, I have tried with all different types of axes, and on a default and edited config file. As far as I know there is no dependencies, if you can think of anything I could be doing wrong please let me know.
  6. Im currently learning for my finals but i will take a quick look at it :D
  7. Hello again. I saw the link to this plugin on the page for Advanced Machines, and I needed one like this anyway, so I figured I'd give it a shot. However, it is not working for me. The server shows it as a listed plugin, but trying to chop a tree just gives this error in the console: https://pastebin.com/M62ziS1C
  8. Thanks. Ill fix that ^^

    This happens if you just add the plugin and reload it.
    You have to add the plugin and restart the server...
  9. It seems to happen not only just after install but if you ever /reload the server it will break it. Also, even though I have limit deforestation on, it still chops down a bunch of trees that have connected leaves. Thanks for your help though.
  10. Wood should be supported already.
    If you experience problems with custom trees try to expand the scan radius ^^
  11. Hi friend. I was wondering if you have finished your exams yet? The 1.5.3 version no longer works on 1.15 versions of paper and spigot, just lettting you know.

    Thank you for all of your fantastic work for this as I eagerly await an update. =D
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  12. My man!!! Thank you!!! =D
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  14. Any way to disable cutting the other trees that are connected?
  15. Hello, somehow AdvancedTimber can't detect McMMO I'm using McMMO 2.1.113 is there something I have to modify so that the plugin can detect McMMO ?
  16. Permission " timber.trigger" is not working. Using LuckPerms. Paper Spigot, 1.15.2
  17. Hi ...

    New to Plugin's and to having a server ...

    Your plugin says:

    #Only OPs and players with this permissions can trigger a timber.
    Permission: "timber.trigger"

    So ... how do I give give the permission "timber.trigger" to someone without giving them OP?