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  1. Hello guys,

    i just working on an advancement system. For that i use this api:
    My only problem is that the advancements are overlaping each other.

    have a look to the following screenshots:



    in the second picture you can see a bit of the emerald item and the connection to the "log" advancement

    My code:
    Code (Text):
        public static AdvancementAPI FIRST_JOIN = new AdvancementAPI(new NamespacedKey(SkylineAdvancements.INSTANCE, "story/root"))
                .withDescription("Erscheint wenn man das erste mal den Server betritt!")

        public static AdvancementAPI GETTING_WOOD = new AdvancementAPI(new NamespacedKey(SkylineAdvancements.INSTANCE, "story/getting_wood"))
                .withTitle("Aufsammeln von Holz")
                .withDescription("Erscheint wenn man das erste mal Holz aufhebt!")

        static {

    Has anyone any idea how I can solve the problem?

    Thanks :)
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  2. The API is in beta, take this up with the developer not the forum, plus I think with this api you can't set locations for the advancements and they are only for you to use not look at
  3. /minecraft:reload

    seems to fix this. This is mojangs little fix for issues exactly like this, (really actually so you can add advancements while the game is open), as this is a Minecraft issue not the api.

    BUT if you restart the server, it goes back and the command has to be re-issued.
  4. The API had had many updates since that forum post. Maybe a bug was fixed since then.

    You can get the latest here.
    You can see an example on how to use it here.