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    As server owners our jobs are to work on the server and, of course, advertise. This can become terribly annoying finding which sites you wish to advertise on when you have others things to do. So what i wish to accomplish is to create a database; essentially making it easier for server owners to find places to advertise. If you wish to add to this database i suggest you use the template below, but you may freestyle it if you want.

    Code (Text):

    Server Size [minimum, small, medium, large, network, large network]:
    Average Players:
    Voting Websites:
    Forum Websites:
    Extra Websites:
    Here is mine:

    Server Size: small
    Average Players: 50
    Voting Websites:
    9. Http://
    10. Http://
    Forums Websites:
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  2. Server Size: large network
    Average Players: 500-1,500 at night, 2,000-3,000 during the day.
    Voting Websites: (This website is only good if you server is in a sponsor slot, or is on the front page for voting) (I made a Seperate ip/bungee and put the ip in a sponsor slot for 2 hours at peak times (Weekday Afternoon), i peaked at 280 players online at once just coming from .org and had about 2k unique players join from it, in the 2 hours.) (This is were it all began. Ive bumped my server every day on this site for the past 10 months. I have received over 150,000-200,000 veiws between all my server posts.)

    Forum Websites: (Once my server had grown to maybe a 400 player average i posted it on mcforum, and made a rank which if the player commented there ingame name, they would receive a member rank, which included a few small perks. This does include work as you have to promote people who comment. The reason for commenting is for bumping your post. I have received over 100,000 veiws and 3,500 comments about.)

    Extra Websites: (This one is tricky, for making your own videos. But, if you have lots of players on your server, and things for them to record, they will record. Search my servers ip on youtube, 137,000 results. Lots of these videos might not get you players. but there is lots that may get 100-5,000 views, which adds up. Having large youtubers make videos on your server can be a HUGE boost. They wont bring players if they are Cod youtubers, ofcourse, but if they record minecraft mostly, then they should bring some players. Of course, the more subs, the more players, and they have to have active subs. I don't even know how many veiws i have on youtube, but im guessing its over 1,000,000.)

    Edit: The forum wont let me just link to the video and its auto embedding it -.-
    Edit 2: i tried fixing it, to lazy to change all the links -.- Stupid Xenforo. (Copy and paste the links to veiw, don't click)

    Some of my videos:

    Large youtubers videos: (The ones i know of) (a series of maybe 10 videos) (Im friends with this guy, he has done atleast 5+ videos)

    Thats basically my secret to advertising. I also find that having lots of things to do on my server, helps alot.. at one point i was adding a new thing to my server every few weeks, and i was growing so much i would break my record players online by over 100 sometimes every week. Also, having things that are currently popular is a very good thing aka. SurvivalGames.

    Also note that i advertise here: (Not sure how many players i get from this.)

    Oh. and i haven't spent over $100 on advertising to reach the point im at. (Only for renting .org slot, which was for testing)

    And i would like to note that i didn't start my server on some big dedicated server. I started off at breastnode paying $5/month
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  3. Server Size [Medium:
    Average Players: 30 - 40
    Voting Websites:
    Forum Websites:
    Extra Websites:
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  4. Some of those "Server List" sites where you pay, they have a closed auction system.
    So you place a bid for one of the "featued slots" and if you win, you will get featured for a period of time.

    Are any of you guys using that, and how much do you pay for it?

    I just hate the voting for diamond system, and will try to stay away from it as long as possible, and as long as I can find players some other way.
    I'm thinking of using a referral system, where players gain a rank when their invited friends have played "x" hours or something...
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    Thank you everyone for the submissions, it helps me and other severs owners. Lets keep it going.
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  6. Server Size: Small/Medium Network
    Average Players: 150-200 (peak hours: 400-450)
    Voting Websites:
    Forum Websites:
  7. Server Size: Medium/Large Network
    Average Players: 80-250 Players
    Voting Websites: Pretty much all of them..
    Forum Websites:
    Main Advertising: Getting large YouTubers to make videos...such as Vareide, MinecraftsFinest and etc
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    The point of this in to actually post the links... I'm attempting to get players to help make a "database" which will benefit servers owners.
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    What...Did you even read the OP?
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    Then I ask you please do not to post random stuff. I'm trying to keep this on topic and not a post bumping thread.
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    Oh, apologies.
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    I know this isnt a "spot", but wouldent it be a good idea to do lots of subdomains going to the same server, and then just keep bumping in the server list, hence meaning that instead of like, once per day, you could do it once per hour?
  13. Small NetWork
    average players: 10 - 30 (Before anyone says that isnt a network it in fact is. A 'network' Is when you have multiple servers connect via a bungee. We have 2 55 slot servers. )

    Lists: ($600) (sponserslot) ($50 in sponsored banner)


    I wish... anyone know how to contact youtubers (and find) with 100 subs+ and persuade them to make a video?

    Average donations (Per month): $200+
    Cost for servers per month: Classified but is below $100

    Conclusion: Although the paid advertising appears to have bought no players the ones who came have been happy to donate and purchase stuff.

    Anyone who is wondering our network has 1 games server and 1 survival factions server
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    Wow, I really need to start using vote sites and getting my players to vote. :/
  15. Server Size small-medium
    Average Players: 70-80 good times, at nights gets lower and at midnight goes down to about 5-10 ish
    Voting Websites:,,,
    Average donations per month: Lately, $3k+
  16. Server Size: small
    Average Players: 10-15 (and growing)
    Voting Websites: (pmc)
    more coming soon
    Forum Websites: (down for work)
    Extra Websites: