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  1. Hello, I have a greatly developed prison server. I've been told by devs, popular owners, owners, players ect. That it's the next big thing, well one things holding me back and that's players. I need your guys advice on what to do to get players but nothing big as I only have $35. If you would like to see your self join the IP:
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  2. Im also wondering how to get advertising. Haven't found any websites that work.
  3. $35 isn't much to spend on advertising, and I don't think it will get you a suffice amount of players.
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  4. Well I am designing website currently so it might get me a good amount. I earned $70 the first month on my server and since school started the server population dropped.
  5. Thank you very much! The list had some suggestions I never would of come across, for example Reddit. Thanks again I will use these tips! :)
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