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  1. Hey fwends,

    I have about $70 to spend on advertising for my server once it's in a more solid state.
    What does everyone suggest investing this into? Was thinking about 2 hours on or maybe a few youtubers?

    Nathan xD
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  2. For £35 you won't get a lot of advertisement on websites with a high traffic these days.
    I'd suggest to use it to improve your server with it by either buying plugins or hiring a dev to make a custom plugin.
    Make sure your server stands out.

    - Alex
  3. With that sort of budget Project Wonderful is your best bet. It allows you to bid on ad spots at the top of popular server lists. By bidding a small amount on several of them you can get really good value traffic. You can get like 1000+ unique views for something like 60 cents if you spend some time optimising it.

    This explains that and a few other options in more detail:

    *If you need some more help on Project Wonderful do say, I can post a few screenshots of some of my past bids. :)
  4. Ya, on my last server (2+/yrs ago) I had $20 to spend so I spent it on Project Wonderful and amazing results,
    40+ Unique players a day!

    I advertised on (They dont use PW anymore cause there greedy:mad:)
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