Advertising with youtubers?

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by jacoblab1, Jul 8, 2013.

  1. I'm about to release a new unique minigame on my server, and I've been looking for ways to advertise to gain players. I've sent a few youtubers emails (NoahCraft, JeromeASF and DeadloxMC)
    Their price ranges are quite high for a single video, but I'd be willing to pay if it was worth it. Noahcraft charges ~$200, Jerome was somewhere around $500-700, and I'm not quite sure on deadlox yet but I assume it would be around Jerome's price.

    Have any of you guys ever paid a large youtuber to make a video? If so, did it bring many new players?
  2. Mikgreg


    Malo had jerome, bajancanadian and skydoesminecraft all do a video on his server in one day... Brought around 200 players
  3. Do you know if it brought like 200 unique logins or like 200 regular players.?
  4. Mikgreg


    Well, i think it brought 10,000+ new members but dont quote me on that.
    But the server averages at 200 online now, compared to the 20 it was before...
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  5. Woah.
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