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  1. If in paid a Minecraft YouTuber to make a video about my server. And he gets around 100k views each video. About how many do you think would come. And how many do you think would stay? Minigame and faction server btw.
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    From what I've read, YouTube advertisement is tricky.

    Not all the time, but I've seen people drop money on a YouTuber. They would get a decent player-base while the YouTuber is making videos about that server. However, after the contract ends and there is no more videos, most of the people leave.

    Don't take this as a failure statement. You might get good results from the videos, unlike what I've seen.

    As far as "about how many do you think will come", it is a hit and miss. It could be 1 player to 100 players. Same with how many will stay. I'd say that if 100 people join your server because of that YouTuber, don't expect all of them or even half of them to stay. You would maybe expect 20 to stay active.
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