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  1. What is the best way of advertising for you're server? And how much money should you invest inn it within a range of 100 dollars-400 dollars in advertising? I'm guessing you're going to say the more money the better but just in case it's more then I should invest.
  2. neh i didnt use money to advertise my server plus money isnt can just call your friends to help you out or go to any server and gather some people to help you :D
  3. I know but I want to try to get as sort-a big player base without only going on forums and asking people to join my server and stuff. So I just want to know the most efficient way for money cause that will probably go a lot faster. I'm going to invest alot of money in to this server and that means I want a part of the money to go towards advertising so it can get more populated. The monthly costs are probebly going to be around 65 dollars so yeah. If I don't get donations I don't know how long this server can run. It's not open yet btw so i'm not spending 50 dollars a month when there's almost noone on xD. You know what they say. Time is money
  4. I feel like that explanation was a bit long... xD
  5. My advice would be not to invest any money into advertising, but if you do, be very careful about how you use it. If you're not experienced with advertising, it can be very ineffective.

    Rather than spending money on advertising, I'd suggest spending time on advertising. You can do this either by yourself, or gather some staff / friends to join you. I'll list some ideas below:
    • Get your server listed on every server list you can find.
    • Post on every Minecraft forum you can find (as long as you are abiding by the rules).
    • Look into reddit - you should be able to find some relevant subreddits to post on.
    • Be active in the community, join Discord servers, have an account on Twitter/Instagram/etc and get involved in conversations.
    • This is similar / an extension to the last - be active on forums and include your server IP in your signature. People will notice this as they read your posts and some of them will proceed to join.
    • Find a bunch of small YouTubers or streamers and ask them to make a video on your server. Most smaller channels will be willing to do this without payment (another option is to encourage your existing players to make a video on the server).
    Depending on the type of server you're running, some of these will be more effective than others. And ultimately advertising may get players to join your server, but it won't make them stay once they're there. This is another reason why I don't recommend spending money on advertising - you could spend thousands on advertising and have thousands of players join, but what is the value if they leave? Try to determine if players are enjoying the server and if players are leaving, do your best to find out why.
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  6. Thanks for the tips ;) i'll definitely try them. But i'm still wondering what is the best way of advertising with money. Unless it's not efficient at all in wich case ill not be using money to advertise.
  7. if your really want to waste money XD talk to a big youtuber make a deal with them about your server :D
  8. I know but on another post someone told me making a YouTuber make videos on your server could be risky because the people that join might leave after the YouTuber stops playing on it. But ofcourse mabey I could make a pretty good deal with someone? Who knows. It's always a risk anyways.
  9. Yah like me I gave YouTuber to ppl made a videos from my server
  10. You'll needa lot of money to stay in the business and market plan.
  11. lel well for me i dont need alot of money :D