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  1. Hey guys, I have a server that I have had for 6 months now, we average around 30 people and have peaked to 50 people. We get decent donations each month that easily pay for the server cost. Currently i'm using shared hosting with beastnode but I just don't like the idea of it being shared and me having lack of control of everything. I don't know linux but willing to learn, I feel like using websites like beastnode and other minecraft hosting services have been limiting me as a server owner. What do you guys suggest I do?
  2. I would buy a cheap dedicated server from ovh, but i think beastnide has some kind of shared ddos protection which can get expensive if you will have it for only one server though intreppid offers a shared ddos protection plan. Having a dedicated server also will allow more players as the cpu will be for you and only you and then if yiur server expands its just to bump the slots up.

    Before i bought my first dedi i read about it on some random websites asked on mcforums and got some good tips. If you learn a bit about it before you buy i think youll be good. Also i used centos6 on my first dedi which worked perfectøy, i had the server right through ssh and no panel. But thats your choice.

    Anyways , good luck:)
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  4. Thank you, if I go for a server from ovh what operating system would you recommend? I heard something like debian7 is good. If I bought a server from ovh, how would the setup be?

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but is SSH when you have the screen from the dedi server on your computer from home?

    Another question which I believe only relates for bigger servers is that they need have 10 server or something for one server? I know that may sound confusing but I was reading a thread here forgot which one it was.
  5. Silverbrit ovh is a very good hosting, there are the server kimsufi ad low cost.
    You should ovh, they offers DDoS protection to your server
    I'm customer from december
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    Ubuntu I think is the best one to start with, since its rather common and has tons of support.
    SSH is basically this - (random picture from google)

    Some large servers like Hypixel, MC-SG, etc have several servers for the amount of players they have.
    While others like Gontroller are holding 350 players in a single box.

    You shouldn't have to worry about that for a while though. :p

    Not all locations offer the DDoS protection, also that is early stages that started last month if I am not mistaken.
    Many have reported false positives that had players either disconnect or not able to log on.
  7. Alright so SSH is not how I was picturing it :)

    Once I buy an server from ovh what is the process to transfering my current minecraft server over to the box?

    I will be using Ubuntu as from what you and others said its easier to start off.
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    First ask your host to zip up your entire server, unless you have an option in your control panel.
    I know some hosts only allow you to backup the actual worlds, what I did for a friend was stick all his plugins/files inside a folder of the world and zipped it up.

    Before moving I would read up on some guides for hosting MC on Linux/Ubuntu before you turn off your server for the move.
    Since your not in an emergency to move you can mess around and if you do anything wrong you can reinstall the OS for free and with a simple click of a button in your manager. :)
  9. This allow to enable and disable the vac, i'm not secure to 100%, but i think

    I know that OVH enable VAC alpha protection in RBX and i have my dedicated there.

    I heard about false positive, but i have tried to send some SSYN attack 400pps, and i don't have any problems.

    To transfer the minecraft data, you zip all the files in the old server, install apache, move the zip into the www folder and in the new server, you'll can use wget http://oldserver/

    Extract the zip and start the server, done
  10. Don't bother with the fancy HTML stuff :p
    Simply use SSH on them and copy files across with the "scp" command.

  11. I'll definitely be reading up on some guides, just another question. I'm currently just looking at the purchasing of an server through ovh and when it ask what Operating system, should I use the "Choice per distribution - Linux". Then what version of Ubuntu am i looking for? I'm guessing its one of the Ubuntu Server but there are 12.04 edition, 13.04 and 12.10, which one? o_O

    Going back to what I fought was SSH is that called Remote Desktop, would it be suggested to use that?

    Thanks guys, I appreciate all the good comments so far.
  12. if you don't like ssh, install vnc, to see the remote desktop of the server

  13. For operating system, I would strongly suggest using Ubuntu Server 12.04.2 LTS or any other linux distro. As for hosting, I think ovh is a great host to start out on, especially if your on a budget (Currently using there SP3 plan, and I have no complaint at all.) Now about transferring your files I would have to agree with LiLChris . If you have anymore questions, or need any help with setting up you box just message me or add me on skype (jordanskype521) and I would be more than happy to help.
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  14. RBS0 just helped me tons with setting up an server with OVH

    I will be purchasing a server from OVH using Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS, RBSo also supplied me with a nice guide to initially setup your server using mark2

    I'll post here if I need any help in the future with the server, which I'm sure I will have to :)
  15. Alright, so I just ordered a server from OVH however its been 3 hours exactly since ive bought it and i've not recieved an ip/username yet to connect to the ssh

    It says on their website that it only takes an hour to setup so :(
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    It took me a few hours for the dedicated server to spring into life, i will also add that as they are in france, it is 12 at night for them and they will not be in the office/at work.

    I would guess they will have it set up by tomorrow :)
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    Which center did you order from, if your in the states and order in France then you have to remember about the time difference.
    If you order from the BHS center (Canada) they are usually quick, make sure to check your spam folder.
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    Give them a call if you really need to set everything up right now, so they can look into it. is the BHS center in Canada.

    They send about 5 or so emails, make sure you check them all.
  19. I've only gotten 3 the invoice, the confirmation, and the customer ID one. I'm not in a rush to get the server started but my current subscription with beastnode ends on the 21st, so I would like to get the server up and running before that.

    I also have a question about is this something I would want to look into for my timings, if so how would I set it up?