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Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by TryFX, May 28, 2017.

  1. I get £100 pocket money each month. I am wondering what is the cheapest and the best quality host I could get and for a forums website do you recommend Enjin or Xenforo?
    I will also be looking for staff.
  2. use OVH and XenForo
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  3. Yup, OVH and XenForo.
  4. BGHDDevelopment


    OVH is better then the rest
  5. Debatable. You'll find mixed reviews, and I wouldn't say they're better than "the rest".

    Your safest bet for beginners (who want to be "advanced") is OVH (or SoYouStart) and XenForo. Enjin is much easier to understand, but XenForo can be customized more and is more appealing.
  6. do OVH get ddosed easily and is it cheap for Practice or HCF servers?
  7. BGHDDevelopment


    They have good ddosed protection
  8. Splazeing


    I'd go with (They offer custom dedicateds as well) and XenForo.
  9. Depending on your playerbase, SYS could be better. OVH has credible DDoS protection, but from reviews I've read, it goes down a lot and doesn't offer the best customer support.
  10. so SYS is a no go?
  11. SYS = OVH basically, but they're more affordable. For what you're doing, I'd recommend SYS.
  12. so OVH = more ddos protection and more expensive
    SYS = gets ddosed frequently and less expensive

    Am I right?
  13. No... No host gets DDoS'd more than the other... OVH just has better protection (depending on who you ask). I recommend SYS for you though.
  14. OVH doesn't go down that often..
  15. It used to months ago, and lost a lot of customers.
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