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  1. Hello!
    I am working on a resource which will be posted as premium, and I would like to make it hard for those trying to null my plugin or at least so that it is not so easy for an user to buy the plugin and then give free copies to their friends. However, I'd like to do it following all the Spigot Premium Resource rules and I wouldn't like the antipiracy to depend on me (vps...), I want to know if obfuscating is a good idea, thanks!
  2. Don't even try.
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  3. Hahaha, at least some system so that people cannot give free copies. I've heard about Spigot having an incorporated user id... Any idea?
  4. Its not worth the effort. Spend you time on updating your project and making it better. The leaks will fall behind and those using them will eventually break down and buy the updated copies. Think of it as a marketing advantage. "Try it before you buy it" ;)
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  5. Alright haha, but there is no way to make so that such a simple piracy is not possible?
  6. Only if you really really really really really obfuscate your plugin that makes it very difficult for a normal user to decompile and bypass the check, but it still can be cracked, so it is not a perfect solution.

    I agree with what the other users said: Don't bother (or implement something very basic) because the people that didn't buy it they wouldn't buy the plugin anyway even if it weren't leaked.

    Some people (like me) do even test a premium plugin by using a leaked version first, see if it works fine, and then buying it.
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  7. Sadly, no. It's a cat and mouse game that you don't want to get caught up in. You can beat them, temporarily. But they'll find a way around it and beat your system. Then you'll be spending more time to beat them again. Vicious circle going round and round. It will just pull your time away from making your plugin better for those that actually do pay.
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  8. You cannot block out access to a resource (or have any proper checks) that would work because you would need to exchange data.

    Spigot can leave a bunch of ids in your code if you use them right, but these are easily removed. Just give it up.
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  9. Alright haha, thank you all!
  10. Optic_Fusion1

    Resource Staff

    You have very limited options, and as others said, it's pointless
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  11. If I want your stuff that badly, I'll get it. Beleive me. I agree with @BillyGalbreath 's suggestion. Old copies are great marketing.
  12. Just don't put effort in it, obfuscate it if you don't want an one to copy and add the user ID for stupid leakers, although you will have a hard time getting them banned.

    Usally leaks help to get more sales as people test before they buy, also remember that a leak means your plugin is good so people want it. ;)
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  13. Obfuscation in many cases can cause more issues than its worth. Make it worth it to buy the plugin, like offering fast support or addons for paying customers.
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