Advise if it is worth it to upgrade from budget to dedicated

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  2. I'm looking at it and its definitely the CPU. Definitely you will need dedicated hosting if you are hitting 90 + players easily with mob spawning will Cripple an i5 or and i7. Plus thats one of the worst offers I've seen. If anything I suggest getting a 12 core host processor with
    Intel Xeon E5-2620 2GHz Six Core x2. Thats I believe what my server has. Unless you are hitting 100% of RAM you will not need more than 6 GB maybe unless you go ahead and spawn a million mobs like I did. If you need any help contact me in a private PM.
  3. Minecraft is primarily single threaded, so a CPU with a high single thread benchmark should be chosen.
    The E5-2620 has quite a poor single thread benchmark:[email protected]+2.00GHz
    The i5-4570 performs much better:[email protected]+3.20GHz

    The i5 you mentioned would be fine, but check if you can get a deal on an i7-4790K, as it's one of the best CPUs available for Minecraft.
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  4. Yet I have yet for the CPU to reach 1% on my server continuously
  5. How many players? How many entities? I usually have 4000 entities and I expect many more with the new host (about 24.000 entities)[/QUOTE]
    I'm going to go and test it. Give me an estimate of how many entities you have at once. If its more than 4k get a Mob Stacker Plugin and that should fix a ton of your issues. Let me go test and I will get back to you in a second
  6. So I took about half of the 4000 and spawned it individually via a Boss Plugin with Mythic Mobs so it comes with more than just the AI of a Zombie. So Im looking at our CPU and RAM. CPU - 5% RAM - Maybe 80% on 4gb. Wasn't really looking. But this was all in one place. Server barely budged. It seems as though it sounds like you are hosting it from home. Is this correct. Plus, may I have the IP to check on the servers health?
  7. And thats your problem right there. The 100% on the Ram usage. How many servers do you have and how much ram are you putting into your Skyblock server
  8. I'm from europe, but I never will pay $ 60 / month or $ 720 / year for a server like this. It's too expensive.
  9. Especially if you are not utilizing all of the RAM usage to your Advantage. The CPU I personally think is on the lower side. I personally would not settle for anything less than a Server Grade CPU. But that's my personal Opinion.
  10. Gaxan


    I7's are fine for dedicated servers as long as you keep the number of servers consistent with the number of cores they will out perform server CPUs.
  11. for 60usd a month, you should better go take a linux server on ovh ;)
  12. Gonna be completely honest, this is the worst deal I've ever seen.
    Have you looked into ovh? It may have what you are looking for.

    EDIT: Just read above post, there is much better things on ovh. I'd look at soyoustart (ovh company).
  13. That should handle way more than 150