ADWcleaner, virus?!

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  1. Hello so i'm used to clean my computer on a daily basic with multiply anti-malware programs(Not runned at the same time ofc)

    So I started up adwcleaner and found nothing but two of your files
    When I trust the team is not trying to infect peoples computers, I'm just wondering, why would it to react to these files?

    Is it that they send back information about my computer to your server?

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  2. MinecraftInventz

    So you agree with my conception or what?
  3. This could just as well be caused by a bad browser extension. Localstorage shouldn't be able to host anything you should worry about.
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  4. Why would en extension create Localstorage named after spigot?

    Okey, thanks. My first thought was that it was cockies, and well you all know that cockies can be good and bad.
  5. md_5

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    There is nothing suspicious going on here, your software is just detecting normal files created by chrome as a false positive for whatever reason.
  6. md_5

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    Also adwcleaner doesn't look like the kind of software I would recommend....
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