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  1. How would I teleport to The Aether? The Aether is inside of the default world, but it is in another world? How can I teleport there as naming the world will not work
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    The Aether is not a default Minecraft world...
  3. I know this, I have it installed, but where exactly is it? I can't get the world's name so I cannot teleport people to it
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    In your server's files...
  5. Not on here Aether worlds seem to be a part of the main world unlike the nether or end
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    The Aether is a separate world. Once you fall into the void in the Aether, you are actually teleported to the main world, where you then fall down to the surface.
  7. No it is not Its not like other ones. Its world file is inside of the main default world and I've been searching for hours and haven't found a way to sucessfully tp them.
  8. I would say "read the instructions", but you get mad every time someone says that..
  9. I do not get mad, I just get annoyed how people who apparently know everything, but don't care to actually help. And what instructions are you even talk about?
  10. The ones for the aether mod. On the aether website.
  11. And yet I have searched and cannot find any. Telling me that they exist somewhere on the internet does not actually help me find them
  12. The same site you downloaded the mod from.
  13. For as much as you think you know you know nothing. If the site had instructions on how to use their mod for plugins don't you think I would've found it? Get off the post if you're not gonna do anything than make idiotic assumptions
  14. Looking at my own aether install, since you are too lazy to do it yourself..

    The world folders are exactly the same format is in vanilla: the overworld folder contains level.dat and region, as well as the worlds AETHER, DIM-1, DIM-2 (nether and end), DUNGEON.

    opening level.dat shows the levelname setting as whatever you set it to when you created the world.

    Why you think anyone would help you, when you cannot even help yourself, not to mention react arrogantly and rudely, i have no idea. Note how nobody else wasted their time responding to your whining. In future neither will i. Shape up or ship out.
  15. Yes finally an actual answer. Why do you expect people to react nicely when all you did was insult them on no grounds? and this does not tell me how to teleport to said world
  16. And as far as I can see you don't even know java you just go into post and complain just look at your recent activity
  17. I'm sorry, but how does knowing java have anything to do with this? He is trying not to spoon-feed you so maybe you can do things on your own in future.
  18. Do you really think that I only get my code from the forums? I ask questions because they are not working. Once again only comment if you know what you are talking about and want to share
  19. I have 8 years of programming experience in multiple languages, You have no idea how to manage basic classes or even look up errors. Ironic accusations, no?

    Rofl, i just realized what this post is about. I thought this was about using another mod to directly teleport to the world, OP probably just has no idea how to make an aether portal.. inb4 "it never said anywhere" :rolleyes:

    Really, just googling is faster than making other people do it for you. If you can flame and cry on the forums, you can type in the search bar.

    "minecraft how to go to aether" turns up the same exact results.

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  20. Pretty sure noone will want to help after seeing how you rudely respond XD
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