Spigot AetherBank - Customizable Banking Plugin 1.1.4-dev2

Lightweight, real customizable banking plugin. Continuation of EnderBank.

  1. Hello, can you provide more information? Disabled at startup, this is probably a hook issue.
    Can you confirm that you installed at least 1 economy plugin (Could be xconomy, theneweconomy etc..), Vault, SmartInvsAPI and PlaceholderAPI? If its yes, can you provide the full log so i can take a look at startup error?
  2. https://pastebin.pl/view/04a04e26

    Although looking back at the discussion it seems the issue may be that you don't support Java 11.
    We have CMI which provides the economy, so we also have the recompiled vault as well as smartInvs and placeholderapi
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  3. KardasLand updated AetherBank - Customizable Banking Plugin with a new update entry:

    Mini Fixes & Experimental Java 11 Support

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  4. Alright, this should fix the startup error within Java 11. Please note this is experimental, if you encounter any issues please let me know.
  5. Okay this is normal. Change GUI blocks to your version's blocks (ex. STAINED_GLASS_PANE -> BLACK_STAINED_GLASS_PANE etc..).
  6. When the next update with the custom model data support? :)
  7. As I said, when I'm done with bugfixing and that such updates, custom model data will be added.
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  8. KardasLand updated AetherBank - Customizable Banking Plugin with a new update entry:

    Permissions & Cache

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  9. Would it be possible to add MySQL support? I would love this version of banking but I need to span it over 5+ servers that are all eco linked
  10. Absolutely! When I'm done with bugfixing stuff, I'll add a MySQL support.
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  11. Also, running on purpur (latest 1.16.5), cant seem to withdraw/deposit
  12. Can you describe the issue more? Can you give the error both in-game and console? If it doesn't give any error, what happens when you withdraw/deposit?
  13. in-game: nothing
    console: https://pastebin.com/raw/Ewq7wyPW
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  14. After testing the DEV version released, The two issues were not replicated.
    BUT new arises as when trying to deposit more than allowed, it takes the money but doesnt put in bank
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