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  1. Anyone know of a plugin that stops crops from growing near an afk player? Im having an issue with people making automated sugarcane farms and afking at them to make money. Is there a plugin that somehow makes the server think there is no one near the crops to stop those crops from growing?

    Im looking for one that doesn't result in kicking the player.
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  2. I think what you could possibly do is use the block grow event, check if there are nearby players in a radius, and compare their locations using a runnable and if their location is the same for x amount of time, cancel the event
  3. What about melons and pumpkins? Also what plugin does this?
  4. You can always use a plugin like Essentials to kick a player after a certain time spent AFK (that's what I've always done). Also prevents other server resources from being drained by a non-engaged player.
  5. Yh i want to try and stay away from kicking players. Maybe i can teleport them to spawn whilst they are afk?
  6. What's wrong with kicking an AFK player? They aren't playing; they're just sitting there, draining server resources that could be used by players that are actually engaged.
    How is this that much different from kicking them? It achieves the same purpose.
  7. Kicking the players would be an annoying inconvenience at most (for the players). Im not worried about server resources. Spawn chunks are always loaded meaning by teleporting the players to spawn it would unload the chunks they previously in and transport them into spawn.

    Essentially im trying to find an alternative to kicking them. I really don't know if its possible but it would be a great feature to balance the economy.
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  8. Probably doesn't want to kick in keep the players online inflated.
  9. No, I couldn't careless about player count... Im doing it out of the best interest of my players. Is there something wrong with not wanting to inconvenience players??? Well I am going to mark this as solved... I got my answer and it was a no.
  10. BlockGrowthEvent deals with pumpkin and melon as well. Not any plugins that I know of, I just gave you the idea of how it could be done, you can get someone to make it for you