Spigot AFK 4.5.5

The original AFK plugin for Bukkit from 2012 [1.4.7 - 1.16]

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    AFK - The #1 AFK plugin For 1.10

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  2. It can be usefull
  3. Great AFK plugin, best I know of so far but...
    Is there a possibility to add a check for vanished player?
    When in vanish a player doesn't need to go AFK as other players don't know there online anyway. They will be exposed if the AFK message is broadcast which defeats the "vanish" state of the player.
    An exempt permission would be nice too.
  4. for the vanished players, in the config set move to true
  5. still if they are standing still for a bit to observe a player the message will come up "dutchy1001 is now AFK"

    Either an exempt feature or something that sees your in vanish is the only option.
  6. Just wondering if you gonna implement something for the vanished player(s) as it will be useless otherwise?

    I dont want to set the "move to true" as that will also mean that AFK players can move without restriction and that is not the meaning of being AFK.
  7. Perhaps a feature to "freeze" an afk player so they are unable to move or preform any action(like fishing for example), perhaps even a god mode enabled while afk?? Just a suggestion but i think it would be a great addition to an already good plugin.