Spigot Age Checker 0.8a

Something to Actually make your community more mature!

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    Age Checker (version 0.7) - Something to Actually make your community more mature!

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  2. Nice but one problem. What 10 year old tells the truth about their age?
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  3. joehot200


    If 80+% of my community was not under 14, i would get this immediatley.
  4. They get banned :p

    Which is nice because then in the future I don't need to deal with legal issues. And just fyi you can set the age in the config.
  5. That doesn't fix the problem; at best it gets rid of the most mature kids who are willing to tell the truth about their age.
  6. No it prevents a legal issue with kids under the age of 13 and parental permission on the internet.
    And just because a kid tells the truth about their age doesn't mean they are mature. You have 15 y/o's out there that act like 20 y/o's and vice versa.

    And besides you can set the commands in the config. Mine just moves them into a banned rank group.
  7. You don't understand what im saying. From what I understand when players log on they have to enter their age. If they are too young it bans them; that way you don't run into issues down the road (which I think is a great idea :) ).
    However, the problem, kids are extremely likely to lie about their age (who didn't when they were younger) furthermore they will say they are 20 or something and the plugin will not ban them. Now what I went on to say is; in general (obviously not certain) the more mature kids are less likely to lie about their age. Therefore some of those kids will be banned which is what you want I guess-except that the honest 15 year olds who are slightly more mature are being caught by the system (banned) and the immature problem causing 10 year olds get through by lying about their age.
  8. Just to be clear I like your idea and I think it would be great; i'm simply pointing out the flaws. :) I don't intend to be mean if I come across that way.
  9. Legally speaking, my butt(not my choice word but it works) is covered if a parent chooses to coppa sue me because of what 13 y/o's talk about in server chat. Its just there to make sure the people that play MC are 13 on paper. Just because some one says they're 20 doesn't mean they are 20. But when it comes to me being sued I'm safe because I have something like this.
  10. I guess from a legal perspective it works :)
  11. It was the perspective in mind when making this plugin :D Besides when people lie to the age checker and then say they're eleven on my forum apps they just eat a ban for lying. XD
  12. Since when are kid's not allowed to play minecraft?
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  13. Legally speaking, kids under 13 aren't allowed to play on a minecraft server without parental agreement, because minecraft offers a server chat that can potentially be used to cause harm to the kid. I believe it's a U.S. law.
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  14. Precisely that! COPPA or the Children online privacy protection act is a set of laws that says if you are an online business you cannot gather data on children to target them with marketing or ect. Anything that is logged (like minecraft's chat) technically falls under the domain of data collection, which is why Facebook, google, and most everything requires that you be 13 or older to make an account. Because I am a US national and have the world's worst luck (Seriously I don't have any good luck and if it weren't for bad luck I wouldn't have any luck), I'd rather be safe than sorry in running my online buisness and be sure that people are 13 in my online chatrooms and websites.
  15. How about you have players enter the social security so you get there exact birth date. :p
  16. I might end up signing up people for credit cards and use them to pay my bills... So no.
  17. Not everyone is american, so not everyone has social security numbers, other than having them pay via credit card/paypal this is the only way that doesn't cause to much hassle to the player, whilst still legally covering yourself, and if for example someone lies about their age, and then someone sues the server owner, the date of birth that is entered is kept and tied to the username, this is for a couple of reasons, 1) it allows the plugin to know when a person reaches the age that they need to be to play on said server, and then performs the command supplied for success, and 2) it allows birthday related features.
  18. It was just a joke, I wouldn't expect anyone to actually give there ssn so they can join a server.
  19. libraryaddict


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    Where do I sign up
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  20. Just head over to the hack forums and make sure to make a thread that has your ssn, date of birth, and your first and last name. :p