Premium Age Of Empire - Minigame [bungee] [Paid]

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    Age Of Empire - New Minigame [SALE] - A minigame inspired by the old game named Age of Empires from 2000. It is similar to Clash Of Clans.

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  2. Is there any test server
  3. Hello,
    You can add for the next update the possibility of being used with Multivers-Core (So with Multi-Arena).
    I know it's much harder, but I think a lot more player will buy this plugin, which I sure will if you add this.

    Good luck, and good plugin!
  4. Can I change the plugin messages?
    Can premium players kick others?
  5. This is sick , i think im going to buy it soon , if it have multiarena. Does it have multiarena?
  6. Nope
  7. nice plugin, is now on my watchlist - but i need multiarena
  8. I'm not sure, but maybe I'll add it :)
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  10. can't connect, no default server on bungee..
  11. Sorry about that. You can try it out now.
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  12. i am online :)