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Bug aggregate-ticks setting broken behavior

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by Aikar, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. Writing down some bugs I know of that I discuss with md_5 in IRC, just so its officially down.
    The aggregate-ticks setting is skipping ticks but not accomodating for the loss in the ticking process, so with the default setting of 4, chunk ticks are simply reduced to 25%, drastically affecting growth.

    3 solutions:
    1) Increase growth percentages * aggregate-ticks to make up for loss in ticks. Not desired as some growth probabilities may be so low you don't see the effect anyways as they might grow every tick.

    2) call Block[x].b() * aggregate-ticks to tick it to make up for as originally designed (preferred, so that any special actions by blocks in their tick method can be still be ran. This is more future proof safe. This still reduces the block lookups, and from what i've seen the tick functions are generally light weight.

    3) rename the setting to "skip-chunk-ticks" or something with a warning this affects growth. Not preferred, but could still be a seperate option to sideline a fixed growth.