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Make ores respawn

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    AGM Ore Respawner - Make ores respawn

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  2. Does this support custom block drops?
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  3. Can you enter to help me with my server?
  4. Not yet, You can suggest it in discord so we would add it in next updates

    Join Discord server, We will help you run it
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    GUI Stats

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  6. Hello Developer! I have a suggestion. Are you interested in adding the ability to add Fevertime and increase the likelihood of ores appearing during that time?
  7. Thanks for sharing your suggestions :) The suggestion you made is great and we will try to implement it in the next update (1.17 support update)
  8. Does the update work well with 1.12.2 version? Now your plugin works very well. Thank you!
  9. Our goal is to keep our plugins for the latest versions, But it might still work on 1.12.2 as well. (If you wonder if it hasn't been updated for 1.16 that's because we were busy working on other projects)
  10. Please consider to work with 1.12.2 version when updating the Fevertime. So far, it's working fine! I'll be waiting for your update!
  11. Is it compatible with 1.16?
  12. It might does, But we were not able to test the plugin as we were busy with other plugins. We have the update in our road map and will do it asap