Ah, public server woes and the old "I'm from PMC and..."

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  1. It's still alive and well apparently; I took the plunge and decided to stick my stuff on PMC for a change. Up to now I've avoided that place like the plague because the chances of finding 18+ players for a whitelist vanilla server are rather slim there, but with the addition of a few public servers I figured eh, might as well.

    I took a whopping 15 minutes before the first one showed up. I'm from PMC and I'd like to review your server but I need op. Sure, I'll op you right to Y 500 where there's a nice little 1x1 platform for you to enjoy your "op". (In-joke, "op" in Dutch either means up, or on top - so I give them both).

    5 minutes after, there's the next one who seemed perplexed by the lobby. The whole concept of portals to different worlds/servers seemed foreign to him. This one was different, though. "Hi, I'm from PMC and I need fly mode".

    Sure, don't mind if I fly you to Y 500 where you can meet your co-worker...

    And honestly, after running this whitelisted 18+ vanilla server, I realise what an incredibly lucky and sheltered admin life I've been living on there. The sheer amount of people that sign in, see the lobby, and fail to grasp the concept of portals is staggering. Then there's the people that sign in, and the first thing they say is "You Look Like U R Short On Staff, Y U No Hire Me?".

    There were 2 admins on but apparently when I told the player "No, not really" that was considered omgzrude and "I'm going to get u banned". Okay, uh, I'll just go ahead and ban myself. Oops, finger slipped and I kicked that player instead.

    Then there's people that sign on and the first thing you see of them in global cross-server chat is "fuk ur mom".

    Am I just unlucky or is this really the average Minecraft player?
  2. Haven't had any PMC reviewers for an age to be honest (though thinking about it, I think PwnFilter has something to stop that, so maybe I have just had it filtered...). But yea, many Minecrafters lack common sense. It's kinda depressing but yeah, you likely get some good players just a matter of time/patience.
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    We had one the other day. We soon sorted them out.
  4. We had another one earlier, I think between myself and 2 of my admins we kept him online and not going anywhere for at least an hour. Got boring after that so I dunked him in a lava pool we keep for these occasions now...
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    We set up command blocks with a tp command on a spammer, they went on a nice adventure.
  6. Eh, I better-aliased it so it sets their spawnpoint to be 4 blocks over the glassed in lava pit. It has signs with demoralizing texts on it too... and then they fall. And die. And fall. And die. And fall. And die. And fall. And die. And ... well. Eventually disconnect.

    We try to keep track of how many times they respawn so we can make a "most determined asshat" scoreboard, but I might move it to the lobby proper so people can spectaculate! (yes I know that's a nonexistant word...)
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