Spigot Airdrops 1.1.0

Replace cookie cutter crates with cool new Airdrops

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    Airdrops - Replace cookie cutter crates with cool new Airdrops

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  2. Please allow us to make multiple different airdrops for different things please!
  3. Out of curiosity, how does one add items to the airdrop? I see no items in the items.yml to build off of. Also, as a feature request, can it be backstepped to support 1.8.8 as well?
  4. To add a item to the drop just hold an item in your hand and do /airdrop additem
  5. Alright, also, what about that 1.8.8 support? Is that possible?
  6. Are there any permissions? I cant seem to find any
  7. Is there any chance of making the /airdrops supply {name} not case sensitive? Or release the source code so I could do that myself?
  8. please 1.8 Support :C
  9. Can u remove the stacks of note blocks flying out?
  10. awesome plugin

    found and issue tho

    when you order multiple packages on the same spot they get stuck inside each other in the air resulting in dropping stacks of noteblocks...

    can you please make it so they can stack ontop of each other
  11. suggestion: can you make the airdrop signals virtual points instead of an item and the ordering of a airdrop via command instead of droping the signal.

    so when you give a player a signal

    /airdrop signal player

    he gets a signal in his virtal signal bank that he can use to order an airdrop via
    /airdrop order

    when a player has full inventory and you add signal to the player he just doesnt recive it.
    player toggle airdrops when they die and drop the signal...

    i want to make the airdrops only avalible in a specific worldguard region with a order command i can just block the command outside of that region
  12. Please update the plugin to 1.12 and add a crackshot support, I would donate for it!