AirPod Max Opinion

Discussion in 'Technology' started by xXPlayer2000, Dec 8, 2020.

  1. Hey Guys,
    just saw the new AirPod Max for around 600€ and i dont like them at all. The Design is trash in my opinion and the price is hilarious. But my question is what do you think of them and will you maybe buy them?
  2. I won't ever buy a Apple product again I've learned my lesson.
    Main reason is them not providing parts for repair to independend repair shops
  3. Yea 1 time my normal airpods were extrem quiet and they did not wanted to give me new once even tho i still had guarantee. But after a long discussion i got new ones.
  4. 50% product, 50% brand.
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  5. The price is ridiculous and I prefer my small AirPods to this huge headset honestly.
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  6. Yea same idk where to put the big ones anyway if i would buy them
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