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Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by Hyro21, Jun 12, 2018.

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    Estou a procura de um pluguin de minimapa que apareça na tela do jogo e mostre os mobs hostis as entidades pacificas e os jogadores, e que funcione tanto nas cavernas quanto fora dela.

    Sera que tem algo desse tipo e que seja free ?

    Grato pela colaboração
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  2. [​IMG]
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  3. Dear

    I'm looking for a mini-map pluguin that appears on the game screen and shows mobs hostile to peaceful entities and players, and works both in and out of the caves.

    Does it have something like that and is it free?

    Thank you for your cooperation.
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  4. [QUOTE = "codey371, post: 3033380, membro: 114176"] que é um mod como
    Minimapa de Xaero
    Minimapa de Zan


    Yes, a pluguin that looks like one of these mod's
  5. might be possible but didnt find one and might have to pay a dev to make it
  6. That's not possible in a plugin.
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  7. Love it... Unique and funny
  8. The idea of such plugin is definitely possible but would be somewhat complex to make. Nowadays you can add markers on rendered map items, basically easily solving the monster issue.

    The "underground" part should also be possible but will also require some work. What I would do is have a user be able to toggle between the two (an overworld and underground view). The underground map view would be somewhat of a black-white map that would show underground areas depending on the player height.

    Definitely not impossible, in fact, someone experienced with generating minimaps should be able to do this fairly easily.

    Though I have to agree with what a few others said; this is most likely not publicly available and you may need a developer to make it for you.
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  9. Op wants the mini map in the top-right of the players screen, which as far as I am aware, isn't possible without mods.
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  10. You could use the BossBar and retexture it or something. You could use different values of the bossbar for different locations or something.
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  11. While that could work on a small scale, it couldn't work for what Hyro21 wants due to the insane amount of images that would require.
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  12. I didn't realise the location was important and the fact that is should be visible somewhere in the screen. My idea would work fine if you put the map in your offhand slot for example, but thats pretty much all you can do. You wouldn't have enough space to put it on a scoreboard either.
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  13. Plugin eu acho impossível de existir algum, porém você pode utilizar um plugin para mapa via site muito bom, dynmap o nome dele.