Spigot Alex AntiCheat "ES" [Beta] [Skript] 1.0.5

Nos importa proteger de Tramposos

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    Alex AntiCheat [Beta] - Nos importa protejer de Tramposos

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  2. This Skript is awful! First of all all it can do is detect fast bow and it has failed all of its test! What is the point of uploading it, you make a skript test it and when you are happy with it then you release it not after you spend 1 second copy pasting!
  3. Thanks for your review. we have solved some False positives and that it does not detect is in Flux That with that I was using to do the skript and only detects if it jumps or falls or causes lag it detects it but in the rest it detects it instantly if it does not work in any please send the client that does not detect.
  4. I reviewed an older version, because now it seems as the page has updated! I read the whole skript.
  5. You know that skript can only recognize 15 cps at most? increase the "every 1 second" up to 2 or even 3 seconds.
  6. dnadany689 I didn't know, thank you for telling me
  7. LeftClick works fine with 15cps 2 seconds but I still have problems with RightClick
  8. Set delay to 3 seconds maybe?
  9. Estaba pensando en poner un boton de cancelar