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  1. Hello everyone, been awhile since I made a post on here. Anyways how many people play by themselves? Does it ever get boring, worn out etc..? I have been wantijng to play MC but I dont have anyone to play the game with. I used to have several friends that used to play all the time but now they all either got bored, quit or moved away and now I am the only one left. I was even thinking of a server to start called "unforsaken" just for the fun of it haha. Thank you for reading.
  2. Honestly I don't mind it but I do wish sometimes my players who are my close friends would login.
  3. Like what do you do? Do you just like build, adventure, or..? Im kind of lost on what to do lol.
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    Play on a server. Then you have somewhat of a purpose even if you play alone.

    Build up status by advancing on the server, by building crazy stuff, or gaining lots of money and so on. Along the road you will stumble upon like minded people and surely new friends.

    This principle applies to almost any activity. For example since I started created plugins I’ve made some new bros who also create cool stuff.

    That is my 2 cents.
  5. Thats a good way of looking at it, never thought of that before. Thanks for the advice!
  6. I used to pvp alone, for months. But I quit the game now

    Before that, I used to play lots of skyblock. But I got legit banned on pretty much every skyblock server
    (falsely of course)
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    If you are getting banned on multiple servers "falsely" you're most definitely doing something people don't approve of.
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  8. Yeah because it's kind of hard to get banned from every Skyblock server lmao, but hey that's an achievement right? Lol. I used to play a lot of factions but it's hard to find people to play with that won't screw you over in the end. It also doesn't help that mc factions has changed so much that it's hard to start anything.
  9. I mostly play by myself on multiplayer servers. I became staff on one. Still, most people are just suck ups instead of wanting to become friends. Anyway, staffing makes Minecraft less boring when I'm playing "by myself".
  10. Well Skyblock servers also have /warp pvp and staff is not experienced at that part. I've also been banned for afk mining when I was not, but yeah, how to prove it? Not
  11. I have had some instances of false bans on Faction servers, they were new admins that didnt know how to moderate the server. I got banned a lot for nothing lol.
  12. I've posted screenshots of bans on my profile, I get banned everywhere and it's one of the reasons why I quit this game
  13. Cmon man, just give it a few more shots with 1.13 releasing. :D
  14. Well..
    I joined some random server,
    built big automatic farm to get ingame money,
    got bored of collecting and selling drops so i wrote a bot to do that,
    it got banned because i ran it 24/7 so staff probably noticed that some player is online 24/7 and all he does is collect drops and sell them..
    It made more than 40m (that was a lot)...
  15. I feel like that was innovative lmao. Honestly didnt know you could do that.
  16. Next time i will know that i should add check for nearby unknown players and he would tp to spawn or disconnect and maybe better logging - almost all packets would be saved in ReplayMod format or something.
  17. I also feel like I'm too old for this game, but DirtBikeFreak is older than me so .....
  18. Yeah turning 20 in a month. I love this game and it will always be my favorite. Its been a game that I can just relax to, meet friends, and build cool things.I have been playing since I was 12-13 years old. I have just lost people to play with lol. I may just make my own server, I just need people to help me run it lol.
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  19. I tend too just chill and play a lot of games on my own most of the time.
  20. Oh. I do all of the above. I play survival and sometimes when I wanna work on stuff for my server I go and build and sometimes I code. I'm kinda the jack of all traits. Master of nothing; doer of all.
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