All permissions with LuckPerms plugin

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by Eric_Minecraft, Jul 9, 2018.

  1. I just switched from permissions ex to luckperms and now the * permission doesn't work, I was wondering is there a permission like this for luckperms or if i should just switch back to pex
  2. switch back to pex, it's better!
  3. but it was last updated in 2016
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  4. LuckPerms should work fine with the '*' permission.
    /lp group admin permission set * true
    (replace "admin" with the group's name you want to set the permission for)

    Never, LuckPerms is by far the best permission plugin out there and outperforms pex in so many ways.
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  5. I think that, in order to give all permissions to group/player, you have to add them manually.
    e.g.* or whatever
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  6. I used to use pex but switched to luckperms. luckperms is so much better in many ways!
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  7. Not true man :/
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  8. Luckperms has every single feature that pex has and more. Also I can’t use pex because it ISNT MAINTAINED and doesn’t support 1.13.2. Personally I love the included web editor because it makes it WAY easier to see, add, and remove permission nodes in an easy to use graphical interface.
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  9. luck perms is better
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  10. sezx
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  11. luky permz bettr
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  12. I have never heard anything more wrong and ignorant in my life...
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