Allow non premium player from certain ip

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  1. Hello I need cracked accounts from the ip to be able to join, i have heard that this can be done using protocol lib but I don't know how that would be done could someone give me an example of the code I would use. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. is a localhost IP for a server or machine. Only users on the machine can use that IP.
  3. i know but i need to bee able to join using non premium accounts from that ip
  4. For what purpose? Sounds malicious.
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    Please read, That means if you are localhosting only you can join with cracked accounts, if you were usiing a server host, no one could join via it, Example: You buy a minecraft server with ip, You can't connect to it with cracked users unless you got on the server box and ran mc,
    Example 2: You localhost, No one but you can join the server as that ip means localhost, but you can use cracked accounts,
    So is example 2 what you are trying to do? because thats not an ip really its rooting it
  6. can people stop questioning why, i just need for myself to join with cracked accounts but no one else, like this thread talks about look at the last thing said, how would i do that
  7. I'm sorry, but I am not going to help if I don't know the use case for when it comes to this kind of thing. is a local host IP Address and only users on the machine directly can connect to it.
  8. ok im trying to let Minecraft pocket edition players join a pc server using【dragonproxy】-——-join-any-pc-server-using-mcpe-mcwin10.49610/ but that is only working when my server is in offline mode, so i am trying to make players from get connected no matter what, for now i am having to run my server in offline mode, which i dont like to do
  9. If your on the same machine is the only way localhost will work. Well if there on the same internet network. Like said above like 10 times.

    If not you need to port forward and give the other players the IP4 address. I highly warn against home hosting.
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