Suggestion Allow Non Registered Users to see Premium Plugins

Discussion in 'Community Feedback and Suggestions' started by Splodgebox, Oct 18, 2019.

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  2. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    Please stop adding useless +1 comments, there are reactions for a reason
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  3. While I totally agree with you, that the "+1"s are useless, in all fairness, this thread was created in oct of last year, nearly 6 months ago and you, the owner of this website, have not replied.

    I think the users in this thread are just trying their best to show their support on said issue, and hoping that the owner of the website would provide some input!
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  4. Bump once again... I really don't think it's being added at this point
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  5. Reaction: :(

    Probably not. I mean 42 messages deep and md_5's only reply was to tell people to stop replying with "+"

    It would be nice if he actually replied to the subject at hand.... you know, like a yes, no, maybe, we'll look into it. Something!
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  6. The only reasonable explanation I can think of as to why he won't address it is there is some underlying issue with making that change. But what could the downside to this be? This seems like a positive thing that could only help the website and the creators on it, albeit a minor change.

    Pages would be reindexed, boosting SEO.
    Users would still have to log in and or sign up to purchase the plugin.
    Those plugins/creators get more recognition. (Both good and bad)

    It's a win-win all-round. So what's the issue with it?
  7. MiniDigger


    the "premium" section is the darkest place of this website. I dont think it needs more attention
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  8. Just noticed something, due to this. Discord does not embed plugin links :(
  9. Agreed, mucn needed
  10. It's really annoying trying to link my staff to plugins/resources I want to add to our server, only for them to not be able to read the page at all because they don't have an account. Most of them have little reason to make or stay logged into an account if they do have one, so they just end up not being able to see it. +1
  11. It's been a long time since this thread was started and it seems obvious that md_5 has no intention of changing this whatsoever - and that's not just an observation, but a fact from the man himself. In another thread, he stated that he won't be allowing guests to view premium resources. I'm not sure why he hasn't locked the thread at this point or at least responded to it.

    Of course this is an inconvenience, but this is md_5's forum and he does whatever he wants with it. If this issue is important to you, then nothing is stopping you from moving to the other community where people just want to sell you stuff constantly.
  12. I think what MiniDigger is trying to say is that md_5 doesn't want premium resources to be "advertised" that easily making them visible without being a registered member because spigot wasn't born to be a shopping website.
    Maybe I'm wrong (since currently premium resources can be found on Google so crawlers can see them without being registered).
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  13. It may have not been born as one but it overtime has become one.

    If he is against the idea of premium plugins and this being a marketplace then remove premium plugins as a whole.

    It's a simple suggestion and doesn't make anyone think lower of him if he implements it. Low and behold he doesn't bother to even give a proper reply to this suggestion

    I don't plan on sucking him off like a lot of people do. If he doesn't want to do it then say it with his chest
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