Allow TNT block damage, disable Creeper block damage.

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  1. Hello!
    I'm running Surival RPG server and I have Anti-creeper plugin, but it blocks both block damage: TNT and creeper block damage. The ideal would be that players can break blocks with TNT (exept regions of wouldguard) and give damage, but creepers only give damage and do not break blocks.

    Does someone know plugin or a way to have it this way.

  2. Does the following suit your needs?

    Code (Text):
    /gamerule mobGriefing false
    A full description of its effects can be found here but it does stop creepers not breaking blocks whilst still dealing damage.
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  3. Also, if you have essentialsX-protect you can turn off/on those exact things. @Mikknirman

  4. In case of using world guard, you can also use global tags to disable mob-griefing.
  5. Thank you for everyone, I got it fixed!
  6. How?