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  1. On my premium plugin I received a 1 star review basically saying "it doesn't work" however the issue the user was facing was most likely down to a configuration error. The user posted this review without contacting me previously (or at all), and then charged back. Now I have a horrible 1 star review just sitting there that I can't get rid of. So, even if it's just for premium resources, I would like to suggest that we are given the ability to report reviews again.
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  2. Choco


    People abused this feature. Please proceed to view the countless threads on this topic...
    There are plenty more... in fact, I've seen 2 or 3 in this past week. Answers are always going to be no

    See THIS reply for why

    To be completely blunt about it, if it wasn't abused in the first place, people would not be bitching and complaining for its return. If someone is stupid enough to abuse it, it just ruins it for the rest of the people that use it responsibly
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  3. MiniDigger


    aaaand another one.

  4. It's unfortunate, but it's still a review. Couple of things to note:

    1. Try your best to make your plugin work with optimal settings out of the box. Many Minecraft server owners will not bother to configure anything at all. Try to avoid *any* manual configuration if possible to avoid this issue in the future. Unfortunately, you can't control the laziness of users but you can do your best to accommodate for their needs.
    2. If they said "it doesn't work", it is still their opinionated review on your product. It's a valid review.
    3. They are within full rights to chargeback, unfortunately. They can say the product was not satisfactory and that is a legal way of charging back. You should do your best to work it out with the client and payment processor. In our experience, clients will not respond to attempts to assist and just want their money. Sometimes this is in an attempt to get a free copy of your plugin. There is not much you can do if the user refuses to work with you. Using PayPal directly they will often not honour your terms. If you are 18+ and have a good credit score, using Braintree may help. They will honour your TOS and often grant disputes in your favour. I have genuinely been ripped off by companies but PayPal denies the fraud disputes even though their own team doesn't know how the payment was unauthorised. Braintree somehow bypasses all fraud checks and PayPal's resolution system.

    To address your suggestion, the only kind of invalid review is one from someone that has not purchased your product. Anything else constitutes as a valid review.
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  5. Choco


    You have to purchase (or download) the product before reviewing it, though you don't have to use the plugin to review it. The other situation in which I (personally) would consider a review to be invalid would be if it were created with the sole purpose of harassing the author. I've also seen people create targeted reviews in order to lower the overall rating of the resources created by a specific author.
  6. I guess the harassment just falls under harassment first, rather than an invalid review. As far as targeted reviews goes, it's fairly obvious when someone is doing that but at the same time there's not much you can do to prevent it. If someone bought a product, or in this case multiple products from an author, and leaves a poor rating to lower an overall rating, you can't exactly call them targeted reviews. The resources could genuinely be bad, in their opinion.

    As soon as you try to regulate "invalid reviews" you enter a new unknown territory. There's a problem defining what is invalid and applying the same concept to every review. It adds to your workload and will add to drama and bickering. It's probably better to just leave it as it is (users who purchase can review) and every review is valid, unless it violates any other rules like harassment of course. Then the rule is enforced evenly for everyone.
  7. Choco


    Oh that's fine. What I meant by targeted reviews was that people will create reviews for all resources owned by an author within the span of less than 10 minutes. When it's blatantly obvious in a case such as that, we can remove the reviews. In other cases where it was over the span of a couple days, that's a different story.

    Well, actually..
    Pay attention to the last two lines in particular. The severity of the punishment is at the discretion of the moderator that is handling the issue. We're not necessarily obligated to remove reviews if someone asks us to, but if a rule is very clearly broken, we'll manage it :) I understand your concern, but we get a lot more hate on a daily basis than you may think
  8. PayPal is absolutely horrible. Even if you're dealing with physical products and have shipping and delivery confirmation as well as email proof from the users paypal address with them raving about how much they loved the product and it was "exactly what they wanted". They can turn around and charge back saying the item was not as described.

    PayPal will reverse the charges in their favor and leave you with a -$2100 balance and expect you to pay it, on top of that they will not require the customer to return the product!

    If you cannot afford to throw the money you would have made off a product in the garbage can do NOT use PayPal to accept payment for it!!


    As for plugin configuration make sure your plugin will create a default configuration and works out of the box with at least a sample setup. As stated most server owners won't bother trying to troubleshoot a plugin straight out of the box, they expect it to start up and have the basic features advertised on your page work without them having to do much.

    If there are things that require configuration make it give them a notice when the plugin starts tell them x feature is disabled until they set a value in the config.

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  9. I think I have a pretty good idea of the hate you get. I don't underestimate it. This is actually a more controlled community. Other Minecraft communities are 100x worse.

    I'm sure your rules "permit" you to do anything, as you would be able to do even if it wasn't a term. At the end of the day, the site isn't a democracy. Although, if you start picking and choosing instances of rating abuse then you'll annoy people when you don't apply the same case every time. If you wanted to cover every case of a rating that somehow fits invalid criteria, you'd be dedicating a lot of time to it and pissing off a lot of people at the same time, either due to action or inaction.
  10. MiniDigger


    thats why the "report this review" feature was originally removed ^^
  11. MineCove


    Unrelated to topic, but relevant to this quote:

    On topic:

    It doesn't seem that this will ever change, so better to find ways to cope with it or count your blessings with a change in perspective. For instance, to list a product that which you can make a profit, Spigot does not skim off the top. It's a free service. Yeah you have to deal with pesky users, but free services should be expected to have limited support.

    Now to help with your perspective, consider this - When reviews could be reported, you would often have developers whom upon receiving anything but a 5 star review would proceed with borderline harassment on the reviewer until they changed it OR if it was not changed, the review was reported. As such, top ranked plugins weren't actually Spigot's best resources but simply had developers who could fabricate their reviews. The point is, even if reporting is readded, it is going to work equally against you as it will for you. Yes, you may be able to remove that 1 star review, but so will every other developer. This concept is touched upon in the post that Choco mentioned earlier

    Good luck with managing this headache, if you'd like, you're welcome to message me privately and I will give your resource an honest review to help offset the negative one (Don't imply that as an immediate 5 star review)
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