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  1. My name is AlphaHelix and a while ago I created this Libary. It's on spigot for quite some time now and I just wanted to let you guys now about it. It contains many featues and I'm willing to add more but I don't know what to add. Some review would be nice.
    • Arenas
    • FakeAPI included
    • Self registering commands and listeners
    • Countdowns
    • Various new events (see down below)
    • YAML, JSON and MySQL storage solutions
    • Inventories with sides
    • InventoryBuilder
    • EntityBuilder
    • ItemBuilder (general, leather and skull)
    • GameProfileBuilder
    • Clickable texts
    • Schematics
    • Kits
    • Packetlisteners
    • Actionbars
    • Titltes
    • Tablist header and footer
    • ReflectionUtil for NMS use
    • Scoreboards with Anti-Flicker mechanic
    • Spectatorsystem
    • GameStates
    • Teams
    • Location based utilities
    • Serialization
    • ZIP utilities
    • UUIDFetcher
    • CommandWatcher for easier use of arguments
    • AirDrops to spawn random loot inside the world
    • Various Enums from NMS converted to Reflection
    • 1.8 Soundenum
    • Util class with many utilities
    • Cuboid
    • Skin changer
    • CountDownFinishEvent - called when a countdown ends
    • CountDownStartEvent - called when a countdown starts
    • CountDownTimeEvent - called when a countdown reaches a specific time
    • KitReceiveEvent - called when a player receives a kit
    • GameStatusChangeEvent - called when the GameStatus gets updated
    • TeamJoinEvent - called when a player joins a team
    • TeamLeaveEvent - called when a player leaves a team
    • ArmorChangeEvent - called when a player puts on armor

    Code (Text):

            <version>PUT IN THE VERSION</version>

    The whole documentation can be found here.

    The sourcecode can be found here.
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