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  1. hey!
    ok, so I have a ffa server, which in dif timezones
    doesn't get a lot of players.
    and because of that. players get on with alt accounts
    and boost themself.
    so I'm looking for a plugin to block alt accounts
    to make it fair
  2. There are plugins that allow only 1 connection per IP, but let's say if 2 people play from the same network only one of them is going to connect. If I'm correct you are using a cracked server which goes against the eula, turning your server "online" does limit the alt accounts in a way as not many people have more bought more than 1accounts.
  3. mhm, I have no idea what you're talking about?
    I have a normal server, not for cracked accounts
    it just players can log on different accounts
    and then they kill them to get rewards for free
  4. There is IPChecker, but it's outdated.
  6. Strahan


    The problem with IP checking is I'm sure younger people may have siblings who also are into Minecraft, so by considering any other account connecting from the same IP as an alt you may be blocking legit players.
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  7. Hi, I recommend this plugin
    With this plugin you can see all the alts of any account is very good
    and if you use this plugin you also have the /dupeip
  8. Strahan


    $2.50. It's pretty irritating that you can't see the price after buying something, isn't it? heh

    It's just an IP logger though. Personally, I'd just save my money and use the plugin from Bobcat. Just my $0.02
  9. use CasualProtector, or any VPN type plugin to allow only 1 account on a ip.
  10. this plugin is no longer allowed in spigot and the developer is a scammer
  11. I just did some research and they wasn't banned for scamming like you said. Apparently, they was banned because they was attacking servers to further get more sales from their plugin.
  12. yooniks he make exploits and attacks servers after this he offers to buy the plugin or he will continue with his attack
    He has also created a bungeecord which is supposed to have the best protection against bots which is not real mcspam got crashear his bungeecord
    I've also seen that you try to sell his plugins in .market but there are some annoying users with the will have their reasons.
  13. But I remember you telling a lot of people on spigot about this plugin and how it was good and how you recommended it..
  14. Yes, but things changed when we discovered who this person really is. He also eliminated discord groups so as not to leave evidence.
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  15. Damn, I didn't know that. Since when was this?