Alt Blocker Plugins?

Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by InterCorruption, Mar 2, 2018.

  1. Hello, I'm making this thread because I'm currently looking for a good plugin that blocks Alts, with a config file that allows us to set the number of accounts per IP Address.

    I'm currently using IPCheck, but I've noticed it throws a lot of errors, and not sure if it works properly.

    Thank you :)
  2. Why are you trying to block alt accounts? Also, some plugins like maxbans have this feature built into them but I’m not currently aware of any ones by their self. I could make this plugin for you if you’d like (for free of course) if you don’t find anything.

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  3. The reason why we want to block alts is because we have a once kit, with a couple low tier keys, but we still don't want people to log onto 50 different alts an ruin the economy :)
  4. Ah I see. Just be aware that it's super easy for people to change their ips and bypass alt checking. (and get free alts from services) so in the long run I'd suggest you just shape the kit and keys to be not completely economy ruining if somebody were to log in on so many accounts.
  5. We solved this with soulbinding the kits to the player.
    If you have an OP sword and give it to your alt, the alt can hold it, but it will just be basically a normal diamond sword.
  6. ip ban them but they might come on vpns
  7. Our own policy is that if someone gets banned, and they use an alt to get on: they can't request to move over protected stuff, etc. They're basically a new player. If they misbehave, they just get banned again. If they admit they're the other person, they get banned again. If they keep their mouth shut and just play nice, we don't have a problem. We consider it their second chance. If we find out it's them, we ban anyway.

    Basically we don't move protections over, so when someone acts normal and bypasses a ban, there's no reason to ban them. They're free to play. They've already lost their stuff, and they simply have to behave and kinda fly under the radar, .. which i am sure for malicious people is punishment enough.

    I am saying all this, because it's not always worth stressing over a player. They behave: they behave, they misbehave, you ban them. if they shout 'haha i bypassed it, its me mario!' you just ban it again..

    The more they do it, the more info you have that discloses their pattern. Making it easier to make preventive bans. Which also helps in the future when others use those vpns etc.
  8. Use VPN blocker and ban thier ips

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