Spigot AltAccountAutoban v3 3.6.3

A plugin that banns Mc-Leaks accounts on join.

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    AltAccountAutoban v3 - A plugin that banns Mc-Leaks accounts on join.

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  2. Please submit Bugs and Feature Requests over in our Project Page so that I can improve the plugin.

    If you want to help yourself and everyone else using this plugin, to stay save against Alt-Accounts, submit un-redeemed MC-Leaks tokens HERE.

    If you like the plugin, please dont forget to place your rating or donate. Thanks!
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    Settings and Bugfixes

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  4. Thanks to a bunch of happy supporters, our database now holds over 200 alt accounts from MC-Leaks!

    Want to contribute?
    * Submit unredeemed tokens to us using our webapp: https://aaab-online.xyz/app
    * Submit feature requests and bug reports on our project: https://gitlab.atvg-studios.at/atvg-studios/aaab-project/aaab-plugin/issues
    * Submit code bugfixes and features on our projects: https://gitlab.atvg-studios.at/atvg-studios/aaab-project

    Thanks for everyone who send us tokens to add those alts!

    Important note to all Servers

    Please upgrade the plugin to the supported releases 3.5.0, 3.6.0 and 3.6.2, the reason is that our server software evolves quickly and we needed to make changes to the plugin to keep up with them. (This note was placed as some servers still run 3.4.0 which will be out-of-service with 17th June)

    Also please if you have a Minecraft Server network with over 5 servers, setup a AAAB-Proxy on one of your servers to speed up your servers and lower the traffic and load of our systems. THANKS!