altenative customjointeims supports name:id or id:cat

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  1. Hi. Can someone please tell me which alternative plugin like customjoinitems that can support name:id or id:category.

    For example below (I tried doing the follow id: '383:50' or 'spawn_egg:50' but it doesn't show and it says invalid)

    Code (Text):
      name: '&bSampleText'
      id: '383:50' or 'spawn_egg:50'
      slot: 8
      data-value: 0
        - '&7Sample text
      command: 'text'
      cooldown-seconds: 0
      give-at-respawn: true
      first-join-only: false
      allow-drop: false
      block-movement: false
      disabled-worlds: world_nether, world_the_end
      give-on-world-change: true
    Thanks and looking forwards!
  2. Make the id 383 and the data-value 50.
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