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  1. I am a server owner and I am always looking to improve performance on my network.

    I was wondering if it would be possible to get the spigot source code, change it to delete stuff that you don't need for your servers (for example AI and other stuff) and then compile it again?

    If this was possible, would it result in a big change?

  2. I doubt you'll be able to get any major performance improvements that can't already be done via the spigot.yml & bukkit.yml.
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  3. This is incorrect.

    The OP's point is actually a very direct example of further performance improvements you can get on top of Spigot, modifying Entity AI.

    Likely to be drastic gains? No. but if you know for example you have a lot of entities, but some parts will never be needed, removing them can help.

    There are many game altering changes you can do that are too big of a change to go into spigot itself, but may be perfectly fine for your own server design.

    If you're a developer, tweak away!

    Feel free to use my fork as an idea how to manage a fork of spigot - as making the change is simple enough... but you need a plan to MAINTAIN that change and get spigot updates.
  4. And setting activation ranges to 0 wouldn't achieve mostly the same?

    I'll be honest, I'm judging OP's capabilities of modding spigot from his inability to locate the source code on his own.
  5. You may not want to stop ALL AI but only some parts. Like what if you want a world full of creepers that are not hostile at all? Let them have all friendly AI.

    Also, as the creator of entity-activation-range: no - It still runs 5% of the ticks and also has immunity conditions (IE: being in water, falling, being a passenger, etc)
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  6. Ty =)
  7. Well, I got a ONLY PvP server, so I think I could remove / tweak a big part of spigot, as for PvP you don't need a lot.

    But I think you are probably right and most of the things can be done by config