alternative solution to bungee ddos protection?

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  1. Hello I been told to use TCPShield in order to make this up, but it is really necessary? I am using OVH but their ddos mitigation doesnt come up until you get hit, and meanwhile that moment that null ping the proxy
  2. Didn't you just answer your own question?
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  3. yeah well, nobody likes to pay 100$ monthly, because some kids with no benefit want to ddos servers
  4. There's literally a free plan, like I told you like 3 times in a private conversation. How many players do you even have online, concurrently? I doubt it's enough to justify the $100/month plan.
  5. i have up to 700 online, but i dont make that much, i actually pay on dedicated 550$ monthly, i own 5 dedis, not counting money spent on something else
    i just need the friend you can always take advice off, im so lonely here xD
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    kids be kids, you either pay for the mitigation or "roll your own", roll your own is dumb and is only able to protect specific stuff and is more along the lines of just load-sharding ha-proxy instances or something on VPSes, TCPShield would likely offer a more cost effective option and actually protect against this stuff much better vs hoping that load balancing will work enough. DDoS mitigation is not cheap, hence why OVH is one of the very few hosts who offer anti-DDoS for free at the capacity they do. Sucks that it costs so much but welcome to the joys of the modern world.