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  1. Hey guys
    I've been running a towny server for 9 months now, it used to have a worldborder of 100k but that was reduced to 50k a while ago and everything outside was trimmed.
    Now our world folder is 41.9 GB
    There's 30-120 people online, 3-12k chunks loaded, 4-10k entities at any given time and 15-100k tile/block entities(from /mem)
    and the performance has been decreasing.

    My question is; If we reset the world, would that help with the servers performance in any way? and if so, would it help to delete all unclaimed chunks(chunks that aren't part of a worldguard region or towny claim)
    or is there any other way to increase the performance on the world without doing a full reset.

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    You could try editing your spigot config for entities, plugins which reduce the entity count and really just pruning your world for mobs. But the cost is some players might lose their mobs.

    And easily deleting no claimed chunks sounds like a task and a half and I doubt it would help. What's your TPS like? (and timings)
  3. How exactly did you trim the world?
  4. ,/worldborder trim
  5. All configs have been edited(bukkit.yml, spigot.yml etc) to be optimized.

    68 online now
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  8. I know a solution to this problem.
  9. How did you trim the world???
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    My server is similar to yours; Towny-like with peaks of 150 players, 47 GB in world size. No Worldborder or similar though, suggesting the issue is not directly related to the size of the world.