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  1. Are there any alternatives to it whether it's paid or not it's fine
  2. Maximvdw


    FeatherBoard is also packet based, meaning it does not store things to the scoreboard.dat, it does not have to keep individual scoreboards in memory and it works with all other scoreboard plugins (team plugins like healthbar that normally break a scoreboard, citizens2 names,...)
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  3. Honestly, Featherboard doesn’t have any good alternative, since FB is super lightweight and won’t up your CPU usage. I recommand highly Featherboard as on all server I worked for had featherboard and removed the pain of removing plugins to keep CPU stable
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  4. kiteboard is same to featherboard
  5. Maximvdw


    not really, FeatherBoard has 8000+ more placeholders of its own API that are much faster parsed than papi. It also is completely packet based unlike kitboard, meaning it works with any team based scoreboard plugin (Citizens2, HealthBar, ColoredTags, ...) it has much more effects and supports custom effects, incredibly efficient (also thanks to the packets, as it does not store anything to the scoreboard.dat or keeps individual scoreboard instances). It has more event triggers, supports javascript to allow for more incredible scoreboards that can change language depending on the players client settings for example, and more..
  6. Andre_601


    Tl;dr: Lots of stuff nobody will use and care for anyway.
    At least the support doesn't take months to be answered. (Talking about your support system)
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  7. Maximvdw


    I haven't used that support system since 2015 (on request of a spigot Mod to keep support on spigot) . 85% of all featherboard users use those features (if you talk about scripting and packets). Many configs on MCM contain scripts to allow users to easily change a color scheme without editing it in all lines and frames.

    I am not attacking kiteboard. Competition is always encouraged, but I do gonna argue when someone says they are the same, as for the most part kiteboard clones the features of featherboard (with delay).
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  8. I recommend FeatherBoard, I have used it for atleast 2 years now on my network
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  9. Andre_601


    I mean reading your response about Kiteboard not being Featherboard and then listening what FeatherBoard has what KiteBoard (maybe) not has and at the end also constantly mention that FeatherBoard runs without using CPU too much gives people the idea, that you say KiteBoard causes high CPU usage which I disagree with.
    My server uses KiteBoard without any high CPU usage whatsoever... So I would say it also depends on what kind of hard and software you're running.
    Also telling that your PlaceholderAPI parses placeholders faster than clip's PlaceholderAPI is a huge claim, since I never saw any huge differences between those two.
    Also PlaceholderAPI is imo much more involved into the community by allowing people to create and share their own expansions, that can even be provided through the e-cloud.
    Your placeholders, on the other hand, are - at least to my knowledge - only from you, which isn't a bad thing, but doesn't really help getting the community to work with you, to implement their plugins into your plugins... (Sorry if that sentence makes no grammatical sense... It's a bit late here.)

    This is no attack against you, nor your plugins, but just my personal opinion and what I think should be corrected at some places.
  10. Maximvdw


    I have 5000 placeholders I made myself, the other 3000 are added by other people/devs.

    PlaceholderAPI is a good plugin but MVdWPlaceholderAPI is made with any of my plugins in mind. In it's early stages the difference was obvious, now it's mainly optimized for speedy replacing (regex and sink throttling). If you replace some text with papi, you use a simple function. On mvdwpapi this action is more cached on startup, it returns the individual methods that will replace all placeholders in the config. When you run the animation,, it does not have to regex match thousands of placeholders

    Kiteboard was first launched with this as Its statement. However, the author agreed that the claim was not based on any evidence. I don't say that Kiteboard runs slow.. But I am saying that the Packet method I am using, combines with all tricks Ive been testing and gathering since it's creation in 2014 make it very efficiënt. 5000+ people to bug test a plugin is a big advantage to get something bug proof.

    Again, Niall is a good guy. Ive spoken to him two times and both times were about our similar plugins. I just feel (and this is not my only opinion) that many of his features are based of featherboard (even names of effects and formatting ), hence my response in defending my creation
  11. If you're using a factions plugin such as savage factions or factionsuuid, they have them built into their plugin ;)
  12. As a follow up to whats been said about Featherboard to help me and possibly others, a lot of whats mentioned as to why Featherboard is better is a bit above my head. Mostly to me i see features but i don't see benefits. In more layman's terms could you describe the benefits of Featherboard above other alternatives. I see it faster which is good for lag but if your a small server a little bit faster doesn't hold as much weight as to a server that has tons of players. I too have look at it and thought about purchasing it but didn't see the value.

    This also is in no disrespect but out a a sincere interest to hopefully help me make a more informed purchase.
  13. Is there such a thing???
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  14. well there is always custom made plugins OP should try to ask in the plugin development section too if any dev is generous enough to develop one for free
  15. If you're looking for a lightweight, simple, free scoreboard plugin, check out Scoreboard by HelloitsRien. Otherwise I would give FeatherBoard a shot as I have heard many great things about it.

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