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  1. Hello,

    Is there an alternative to ModReq plugin?

    We are using this but the issue is, we can't claim the tickets submitted.

    Does anyone knows an alternative?
  2. I made an alternative plugin to modreq for a server that I administrate. What do you mean by "claim the tickets"? As in, mark them as completed? I'm not sure what you were trying to say, but I do have a replacement for modreq, and can add more functionality to it on request. But first explain what it is you require ("claim") from the replacement.
  3. Yay, modreq was awesome but afaik it's pretty outdated now... :/

    @GODofCRAFTERS, with modreq mods can claim tickets, before they close em.
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  4. Claim ticket means a mod can claim it (it will show who claimed the ticket) then work on assisting the player. Then after addressing the issue, that mod who claimed it will mark it as /done # (the ticket #)
  5. Ah so essentially creating a private messaging system between the player and the helper. Understood. That can be done too. However I'm not sure whether MySQL was used by modreq as mine doesn't. Although I have to admit @nfell2009 's resource is awesome, especially with the web panel and all, a slight security issue though, but it's nevertheless better than any I've seen and amazingly cheap too. I'd really suggest it. Still, it doesn't mention anywhere it's BungeeCord enabled. My plugin has added BungeeCord functionality, so unless you need that, I'd suggest you go with @nfell2009 's.

  6. While I'd like to have their premium plugins, currently we're short-funded and still coping up with the server hosting. I did found MassiveTickets interesting however, I don't like the idea that if a player logoffs, it label the ticket as done.
  7. I guess the whole point of modreqs is to be able to help players when staff isn't available online by saving tickets to be attended to later. Also, @nfell2009 's plugin is only $2.5, but if you can't spare the money, you will have to go with a temporary replacement and maybe upgrade to it later.
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  8. Yes, I think I'll have to resort to MassiveTickets for now. Thanks for responding. :)
  9. No problems at all :) Please do mark solved. And if you are interested in custom plugins in the future, please do give me a heads up.
  10. Will keep that in mind.

    PS. Mods, please mark as solved.
  11. Report the OP asking for it to be locked.
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