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Stop alternative accounts on your server.

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    AltsRevealer - Stop alternative accounts on your server.

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  2. ya can u add a thing so that if they are on the same ip on the same time and they move less than five they arent alts just local game or brother/sister so ya maybe check it out
  3. That's what the altsrevealer.bypass permission is for. Your idea is nice but it can't be done since if a player is going to log in with an alt he's going to play as both therefor moving on his account. If there is a brother/sister they could ask the staff for the altsrevealer.bypass permission perhaps
  4. Does this work on 1.8? Can we edit the messages?
  5. amazing plugin,
    but could you please add a feature to quick ban all alts?
    when an admin whants to ban all the players allt he will use
    /alts banall <the player's name witch you whant to ban all his alts> <ban message> <ban duration/if permanent leave empty>
    and that will simply make the person who used the command execute /ban for each alt in the players he whants to ban.

    it would be better to make the user who issued the command /alts banall execute the command /ban so if the player uses diffrent ban plugins it wont have any problem with compatability issues, and its better for the player to be forced to use the command because for people like me that have a ban plugin that tell the player that got banned by who he got banned ( gets who executed the command to ban them and tells it in the ban page by who the got banned )

    And maybe a command to unban all alts also would be awesome :)

    ( sorry if i made no sense in my explanation i am not from the US é.é )
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  6. Add editable messages :)
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  7. Nope, only 1.9.
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    /alts executealts command, recode and more!

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  9. Is there any way to have unlimited alts ?
    Besides the permission to ignore alts that is

    Thank you :)
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  10. There isn't a permission for a player to have unlimited alts, but you can just use the bypass permission for that.
  11. Classic misunderstanding of the Internet, if you use plugins like this you are banning anyone whose house, apartment, or dorm has a single IP address for the entire building. So I have three family members who play MC, you use this or another plugin like it and only one of them can play on your server, but of course because that none of us will play on our server. As IPv4 addresses continue to run out, ISP's will start using single IP addresses for entire neighborhoods. Good luck anyone foolish enough to use IP blockers.
  12. Hi. First of all, I do understand the concept of IPs and the internet in general and I am studying it, don't be so condescending. I think that you misunderstood what the plugin does. It doesn't automatically block all players who play from the same IP, it simply notifies the staff that multiple players are playing with the same IP. That is the only way unfortuneatly to check if a player is playing on the same computer with multiple accounts, but it's not 100% positive because there are cases like siblings playing, or just multiple people playing on the same router. That's why the plugin says "_____ may be an alternative account" and not is.
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  13. add 1.8 support pls
  14. There's no reason the plugin won't work with 1.8... I'll test it and let you know